Abortion Sends Babies to god faster!


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    ‘Cus according to the Pope they don’t go to Purgatory anymore.


    Well, Hell is pretty fucking crowded, so I guess they will open a new kind of afterword to the “Not so-bad-but-still-doesn’t-enough-good-for-Heaven” people. And for the babies.


    there is always room in hell because it the heat expands it, much like yo momma’s vag


    on a serious note (as if this would ever be the place for it), the premise of the featured picture, as well as Hepathos’ comment, are both full of fail.

    from what i understand, people are born sinful, and are destined to hell regardless of age.

    so aborted babies go to hell.
    “Not-so-bad-but-still-doesn’t-enough-good-for-Heaven” people don’t exist. everyone sucks, and no one is good enough for heaven, hence the need for a saviour.

    if a person could do something to make themselves ‘good enough’, then there would be no need for a saviour.

    so you’re still going to hell, bra

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This is exactly what I was talking about when I sarcastically said Christians only believe the “non-crazy parts of the bible”. How is it that “aborted babies go to hell” is a less insane, hateful statement than “God hates fags”??
    Both beliefs are tantamount to god punishing people for the things that no rational person would recognize as unethical. Why do you believe in a god that is clearly insane and unethical?


    well, it’s because the god i believe in is not the one you envision me to believe in, reboot.
    i never said god hated fags or babies.
    i never said god sends people to hell because he hates them.

    Here is my understanding of christianity. I AM NOT SAYING I BELIEVE IT, i’m just saying this is what i understand of the religion.

    The main point of the whole thing is that mankind has a genetic flaw, i.e. ‘born sinful’; in the flesh, carnal sins, etc…
    we’re all born with it, and so we would not be stuck in the body forever, god gave us death as an escape from the body of sin.
    and so one must be ‘born again’ into a non-sinful body like the one we had before the Fall. and call me crazy, but from what i gather, it will be a physical one. here on earth, not in some spiritual plane somewhere…
    anyway, hence the need for a savior.
    a person is born sinful and cannot do anything to save themselves.
    that is why salvation is free and a ‘gift’ as they say.

    most people are of the belief that a person can be ‘good enough’ to ‘go to heaven’. it’s a common misperception of christianity.

    if you you can make your self ‘holy’ enough or good enough, you don’t need a savior. and if there’s no savior, then it’s not ‘christ’ianity.


    Limbo is where you go if you die a good person, but unbaptised. It’s pretty pleasant, but doesn’t have magic God happy powers. Dante answers all!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    god chose to make people with that ‘genetic flaw’ (or rather set up unavoidable circumstances by which they would acquire said flaw). Then god punishes unborn babies for something that Adam and Eve did. Did you ever have a teacher that punished the whole class for the actions of one person? That teacher was an asshole, right? Your god is an asshole.
    Everything about your original post implied that you, personally, believed it. If this is not the case, sorry for the misunderstanding.
    I’m genuinely interested in what some of the MCS theologians think. Here is my hypothesis “Every unbaptized person (or unbeliever) goes to hell”(actual Christian belief) == “god hates all unbaptized people”(he’s punishing them for something beyond their control) == “God hates fags”. Seriously, where is the flaw in that chain of logic?


    first of all, i am not real sure what to beleive, really.

    and no, i didnt say god created them with the defect. i guess i should have clarified that.

    the defect was gained during the Fall. and the curse was gained through the fruit they ate.

    and the effect is passed on through the genes.


    this picture is sooo messed up.

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