Iced Shot Block


how did they make the ice so clear?  has anyone ever tried this set up before?

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    You make it clear by boiling water and then freezing it. I haven’t set anything up like that, but it would be fun 😀


    With that size of block, It’s actually not quite as easy as boiling water then freezing it. You have to keep it under constant agitation while it freezes, otherwise minerals will form the white haze you see. as it freezes, the minerals will be forced into the last part that freezes. With special equipment you can push them to the last piece of ice. See the images in the linked site for an example.

    It’s actually just easier/cheaper to buy a carving block of ice (the stuff artists buy for ice sculptures). — first google search result. Probably better to find someone local 😉

    despite rumors

    I very much want this for my birthday party!


    I’ve used many of these. It’s a shot luge, no idea how they make them, we just order them from a company that makes them for roughly $100 for a large block. Problem is sometimes if the angle is to great, then the shot comes flying out and misses the cup or spills out. Fun though.

  • Here's a few awesome images!