Not Black Enough

Not Black Enough

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    Neither is the blonde-haired guy in the middle background, just beneath the “ou” in Enough.


    But the pointed guy has that awesome “yeah, hangin’ with mah homies” look on his face 😀


    im sorry but black people have the oddest fashion trends


    Technically he’s not “street” enough.

    He doesn’t fit it because he’s not dressed like them, not because of the color of his skin.


    some things ive noticed about this pic:
    1)the nigger of truth is under the a in black (hence glowing dot on head)
    2)waldo is nowhere to be found
    3)finally the only out of place person is the black dude in teh pink panther shirt considering he wouldnt know what it is since cartoons from way back like that were only availible to white people because the black people couldnt afford tv on a sitting in the back of the bus ya damn nagger salary


    The look on that guy’s face makes my life.


    That pink panther looks like Tupac. Who really buys that shit??? I mean…other than that guy and homos. Actually, I think homos dress WAY better than all of those freaks.


    Hey Colin,

    Haven’t seen you in a few days.

    Did your Mommy ground you from the computer for looking at boobies on MCS, or did you figure out that it feels good when you tug on your pee pee and have been distratced with that discovery?

    I certainly hope you are black as your post, if you were recognized, would get you a whoopin from a brother.


    Funny enough, there are 3 ninjas in this photo.


    That pink panther shirt is the bomb. I would pay one hundred dollars for one.

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