AC-130 Gunner Loves Puppies, Hates Tray Stoppages

AC 130 Gunner

She likes long walks on the beach, men who aren’t afraid to cry and puppies… I love this girl!

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    I used to hate lunch tray stoppages when I was in school. And more on subject, I’d hit it.


    I’d be pissed too if those damned fixed-wing strikes scattered my high-value targets!!! GET SOME GET SOME!!!! That’s a badass chick and I’d hit it FOR SURE.


    Vanessa Dobos? That name sound awfully hungarian to me.


    Damn, is that a GAU-2/A?
    A little too high maintenance in my opinion but more than makes up for its jaw dropping looks and great personality.
    I would hit all 6000 rounds per minute of it.


    Hahahaha L… don’t come near me.

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