Think OUTSIDE the box.

Think OUTSIDE the box.

Get it? Box = case.

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    Alec Dalek

    This is what you miss out on with a mac. I love taking my pc appart and optimizing and upgrading it. Love it!


    I’d imagine it makes for good heat dispersal.

    But on the flipside you’d need to dust it out pretty often.


    That’s a Hewlett-Packard case. The small ones. Those things are impossible to upgrade, there’s so little room that I tore mine apart, literally. The power supply and the CD-Drive were so close you either had to break something (preferibly the case) to take either of them out.


    HP cases are always too small. Hell, my parents have one of the HP slimlines, and I cracked it open the other day to use some compressed air and clean it out (they didn’t know it was necessary), and everything is so close together…the RAM is underneath the optical drive, which is in front of the hard drive, which is buried in cords that go to the tiny as hell motherboard. And I’ll have to agree with you, AlecDalek, that is one thing about Macs that I don’t like. Optimization. I’m still going to buy a MacBook Pro though. And… Read more »


    Upgrading my HP was relatively easy. The only difficult part was replacing the PSU.

    There’s an empty expansion bay right above the main power port and that was a bitch to get plugged in, but since then it’s been smooth sailing.


    Ladies and gents,

    the original MCS server


    This so looks like my ex-housemate’s PC. He had bits and pieces lying all over the place that were part of the operating PC.

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