Abandoned Amusement Park

abandoned park

This is from somewhere in Russia.

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    I want to shoot a movie there…. do you have the exact GPS coordinates of it? lol


    That can’t be from Russia, it would have hammer and sickles everywhere, I just came back from a trip there and any time you would see anything built before 1992 there would be a hammer and sickle on it, that one looks really old…. and also vaguely Silent Hill-ish.


    I didn’t do any research on this but isn’t this from an amusement park in Chernobyl, Ukraine?


    For some reason, it makes me all sad and depressed.


    I agree Mr Psychic… seeing roller coasters once used for innocent frivolous orgasms now being used for rustic photographs makes me sad too.


    City is Pripyat. Near Chernobyl NPP. Abandoned since mid 80’s.


    There was another abandoned amusement park in USA.
    Was on the news a couple years ago.
    Also, the first level in hitman blood money has an abandoned amusement park. Wouldn’t you think the owners would sell the park before it got all abandoned?


    www.abandonedbutnotforgotten.com/ shows lots of abandoned places, including www.abandonedbutnotforgotten.com/action_park.htm . But this one here is definitely creepier.


    Very Scooby Doo.


    Welcome to Silent Hill!


    Haha, nice one Ando. And Hepathos, it’s more scooby doo then silent hill IMO. But I really haven’t seen silent hill too much to know.


    Ok, how about “Scooby-Doo and the Secret of Silent Hill (with special guest Bruce Campbell!)”


    Now, THAT would kick ass 😉


    I was about to say that look slike something from Chernobyl due to its abandoned in such away where it remains untouched for a long time sorta feel. But looks like someone beat me to the punch..


    it is the one in Pyriat, i wish i could get the picture, a friend turned me onto a site of pics from around Chernobyl, some of them have the Ferris Wheel visible


    OK There are NO amusement park near Pyriat or Chernobyl. There are ONE ferris wheel inside the town, but that’s it.


    Is it just me, or could some people be refering to Chernobyl as the game?

    Airport Whiskey

    All of you here that are saying this is in Russia are so very, very wrong. These photos and many more like them were taken in Japan, by Shibakoen Kotaro. His work can be found here: home.f01.itscom.net/spiral/t_rando/t_rando1.html The park is in the Tohoku area of Japan and though it’s exact location is kept somewhat secret, if you try hard enough, it can be found. This is mostly to keep people from vandalizing but also for safety as most of the locations are remote and rather dangerous. Kotaro is a kick-ass photographer and his work gets tossed around on the net… Read more »


    Congratulations, Airport Whiskey, You managed to download this picture, split it up, and host each individual section on a chinese web/image hosting site.