I am truly omnipotent and can do anything


“However I cannot interfere or help you in anyways whatsoever”

Yeah makes sense

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    I lol’d.

    Alec Dalek

    That’s what always got me about religion. God has the power to hurt you, but not help you. So he’s the police? So who created all the daiseys then?


    That first bit is redundant. Whoever made it would have been better to have used “omniscient” since he/she is spelling out the meaning of “omnipotent” in there anyway. But still a good point about religion.


    Feh. I’m not impressed. The US has the power to invade Sudan and “save Darfur” but we don’t. And I don’t mean that in a neo-con let’s save the world with 100,000 troops we never send home sort of way, I mean it in an absolute sense. Does that mean we’re evil? Some people maintain if we DO invade Sudan we’re evil.

    Whatever. I’m beyond trying to understand people OR religion.


    Don’t forget, he’s broke too.

    Send money.

    Alec Dalek


    Wait, what?


    God sure is a screw up.
    He cant even operate in a way that makes sense to us. What a jack-off. But anyway, I thought that God does interfere in our lives. Only through Gods actions could a man like our president be elected twice. Alleluia.


    And he is not that tan.


    What if you looked at it from a different perspective? As a parent I am fully capable of stopping my kid from doing dumb things if I locked him away from the world and gave him no choice. I could stop him from burning his hand on a hot stove. Would he ever learn anything though? Maybe. It’s easy to teach someone that hot metal will hurt but there’s nothing like actually experiencing it to really learn the lesson. I KNOW this is rather simplistic, but having the power to do something does not necessarily mean you should. Okay I’m… Read more »


    The key flaw in your perspective, is that you are not invisible to your son. Your son can see you, and react to you, and reach understanding out of this.

    Now if you were not seen nor heard to your son, would you find it him to be idiotic if he were to believe you existed without proof?


    Well I did say it was simplistic, but I understand your point. I know this is trite but it’s true. Can you see the wind? I can see the effects of the wind, but not the wind itself. There are many who believe they have felt or seen the effects of God. While I understand this is not proof I can’t dismiss something claimed by many rational people. I know there are a lot of crazies out there but there are just as many perfectly sane and normal people who’ve also made claims like this. It’s not proof but it… Read more »


    I do so dislike how the wind is used as a means to attempt to rationalize how something can exist, without being seen. The difference is that the wind is comprised of air, a colorless gas, showing that it has substance, without refracting light according to physical law. This is completely different from something that has no phsyical substance attempting to move limbs in the breeze. And yet again, despite the cliche, there have been several thousands of clear, level headed people that have been lead astray simply to fit into the crowd, simply to accept an answer that was… Read more »

    tiki god

    Iron Gaijin:
    Yeah, but can you put god into a balloon? hehe (you know, like air, but…just go with it, ok?)


    Well if God can be anywhere then why can’t you fill a balloon with him? I feel a photoshop coming on here.

    Kaze: You hit upon the meat of my problem. We don’t believe the same things and that’s fine, but I have not been force fed or led astray or bamboozled. It’s unfair to say that because I have a different set of beliefs than you that I am less intelligent or gullible.


    Let’s not fight. Religious or atheist, no one can deny the importance of the Swedish language on a global scale. Do you feel that, given an emergency such as an important meeting with foreign contractors, your command of the Swedish Language would be sufficient? If not, let’s follow along these few short lessons:

    Kan jag få ett glas vatten?

    Brevity Truta

    “Put ’em on the glass”? That’s sure to come in handy. Bork.


    LOL agreed Caio.

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