Tonight, we do the “bad place” (ky advertisement)


so who’s going to get reamed?

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    Alec Dalek

    Her bad place or his? Mwuhahahaha!

    This one should bring the BMW driving homophobes out of the woodwork.


    He seems indifferent, and she seems pleased.

    Male buttsecks abounds.


    Hahaha male-rape

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “This one should bring the BMW driving homophobes out of the woodwork.”

    double you

    You’re a fucking knob, dude.

    You made the same joke as the poster of the image and then thought you were being clever? Read above numbnuts…”so who’s going to get reamed?”

    That’s edgy to you? That’s some line you think people have? Wow.

    What do you want for your 13th birthday, Corky? I mean besides an oiled up body builder to suck on?

    Alec Dalek

    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson

    Sounds like someone got upset. Mission accomplished!

    tiki god

    magnus, chill out dude.


    Now you leave those devilishly handsome body builders out of this, homophobe.
    But no, no I wouldn’t.
    Oil tastes funny.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sorry but that was a double whammy of irritating. First he didn’t bother to read the posters joke and then thought he was hilarious for posting the exact same joke. Then he went on to imply there was homophobia posted in another thread when there clearly was not. Of course now we have the third strike where the offending loser presumes a position of intellectual puppet master like control by telling everyone he planned to out himself as a gaylord. “I missed the joke and bullshitted on purpose for reals yo”. No. No you did not. pjh3000: The only mission… Read more »


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson, every time you hit the keyboard you sound like a lonely, twisted sad old fuck. Time to get a girlfriend my old mucka.

    I look forward to ignoring your inane drivel for the rest of eternity.

    Not getting any? Can I suggest buying some and chilling the fuck out?


    pjh3000 is a loser who makes stupid comments that make no sense who makes no real contribution to the quality of this site and Magnus has been the only one to call him out on it.

    Everyone else who thinks otherwise obviously hasn’t read any of pjh3000’s other immature, retarded and useless comments and should just keep to themselves.


    This is a site where people comment on retarded, useless, and immature photos. Do you really think there is going to be stimulating, intellectually challenging conversation here?



    I never complained about the photos being retarded, useless and immature…hell, I’ve been responsible for posting a good number of these photos (“the_duck: Burger Boy with 76 images Posted”)

    My argument is that if you’re going to leave any comments, at least make them relevant to the post, as most people’s comments have been. If you can make it funny, witty or even factual, even better…otherwise if you leave something that just is an extension of your ignorance, then you’re asking to get your ass verbally handed to you.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    richardathome is just pissy because I also called him out on being an unfunny fuckhole in a previous thread who’s name and subject I can’t even remember. He’s quite the unfunny motherfucker himself and we’d all be better off if pjh3000 gave him his AIDS and then shot him. Afterwards pjh3000 would get hit by a bus. Lisa needs to shut the fuck up already and recognize that if you’re female and on the internet then you are required to post nekkid pictures of yourself. the_duck (who actually posts and contributes) nailed you both like pjh3000 nails man asshole. Hard… Read more »


    Someone’s getting anal here.


    Haha this is funny. mAgnUS makes my day.


    I remember this ad. Sadly, I haven’t pitched to my girl’s catcher since well before this ad. Butt(sic) don’t cry for me. Go get it, son! Make her call my name just once!


    I wonder if it’s ethical to give a thread five stars for the witty repartée alone


    I’m with mAgnUS BUTTfoorson on this one, pjh3000 is an idiot.


    the_duck: I understand what you’re saying. However, it seems pointless to keep give a retard so much attention. Especially one on the internet and on a site that’s just a step above /b on 4Chan. It’s not like this site is an important part of life. If it is, then you need to shut off your computer and realize that you can walk out of your front door. mAgnUS, you disappoint me. Really. Go brush up on your Jim Norton act or just an hero, k, because you just sound like an old, pasty, bitter fuck who’s so hard up… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey Lisa, Which am I? An old perv or a pedo? Both? Except I said show naked pictures of yourself under the assumption that you’re a female. Am I old? Well to a teenager I guess I’m old…er. I guess. Oh you could have gone so many ways but you picked the wrong one. Oops. That’s okay honey. Just keep slipping by on here because you’re weaker and no one really expects much anyway. Except some shots of your titties. Why would I care if I disappoint you? All your assumptions are so pedestrian and easy. Please think things through… Read more »


    Oh MAGNUS, you sound soooooooo pissed. What’s wrong? Met an unfuny internet joke? One that also managed to mess with your (top)secret Fallwell style homophobia? Too bad for you.

    I suggest you relax and take it easy. All the way in.


    I think we all need to have a group hug!


    Then a big orgy, that would make my day


    so this guy lets call him A
    and the other guy B doesnt like what A does and calls him bad names that are not related to sexual orientation.
    person A then throws a fit, and calls B a homophobe.

    Conclusions anyone?

    I hear the gel type is good for man on man action.


    Ahahaha, what an amusing image.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya cause anyone who frequents here is offended by gay sex? lol RJ…pull it out sunshine. Or should I pull mine out and slap your monkey face with it like an FBI agent with a brand new badge? Look at it! It commands authority. Now read what was actually posted you fucking retard. Nobody gave a shit that queerdick like butt play. That’s the joke from the start. It’s that he’s a moron and couldn’t be bothered to read what was posted and then thought he’d be funny and make the exact same fucking joke himself. That makes him a… Read more »


    mAgnUS has leveled up!

    mAgnUS is now Lvl 36!
    Insult +2
    Originality +1
    Gay Joke +7

    mAgnUS has learned a new move!
    mAgnUS has learned “Cockslap”!

    + 69 gold.


    Wow, these comments really went to the “Bad Place”…

    See what I did there? Did ya?

    Ahhhhh I crack myself up


    Magnus, just out of curiosity, are you Irish or Welsh?


    MAGNUS, sweetheart, you are so marvelously obscene… Threatening to cockslap someone who is hundreds (maybe thousands) of miles away from you.

    No matter how ugly/dumb/gay pjh3000 is, you have managed to demonstrate yourself as a dumber, uglier and hayer creature :-).
    You, sir, are absolutely hilarious, and the true king of Internet freaks.

    If one could rate users here, I would have given you 5.


    P.S.: If you are tired of “dumb people”, try posting ONE GODDAMN SMART COMMENT, MAGNUS!


    Hahaha Kaze! This thread is made of victory.


    Wow, how many people does it take to make someone look stupid? You could just leave him be. Just the fact that he opened his mouth made him the fool. I don’t think help was needed.


    Shut up shut up shut up !!!!!!!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ok. God damn are two words not one. Smart enough for you? Could you please validate your claim that pjh3000 is ugly? I don’t know where that came from. Maybe it’s a cocksucker thing? Is that the kind of jab that flys at the ol’Man Eater? How do you even know I’m thousands of miles from you? I could be hiding in the closet you burst out of typing away on a laptop and jacking off to the old Playboys your dad bought you when he still had hope. I’d rate you a ‘drown this user like a bag of… Read more »


    RJDeepthroat: Shut Up. Seriously. I swear to Science. “try posting ONE GODDAMN SMART COMMENT” Most of his comments are smart, either smart ass or intelligent. You happened to stumble into the middle of an epic troll thread and figured you needed to throw your two cents in so guess what? It’s tag team time bitch. What is it, do you suppose, that gives you the right to stroll into a thread and then hippocritically attack someone for the very same thing you’re doing now? Is it divine power? Is it the king of all threads? or are you just a… Read more »


    Man, reading this tread is better than having buttsex with a 13 years old. IN AMERICA!


    lol at RJDeepthroat. Good job Jeros.


    OK Magnus, you managed to pull of one single smart comment. You may take a medal. Chocolate one. As for how do I know how far you are, the mere fact that you are a native English speaker suggests you are not in Moscow, where I currently am. So you are hundreds, and maybe thousands miles away, as I stated before So no cockslaps here, sweetie-pie. Don’t get upset. Go suck a lollipop. 🙂 P.S.: “My rating system is better btw.” And all the base are belong to you? @... Jeros 1)Nick puns are a boring move 2)”You happened to… Read more »


    RJDeepOne on July 12th, 2007 4:47 pm
    “weak attempt at acting nonchalant about a thread that I’ve already committed several posts and hours of my life, not to mention countless braincells (of which I have a limited supply of)in a vain attempt to be a coolguy”

    Not buying it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    wow. First sarcasm. gay then… called me out on not actually being in his closet jerking off right now. (what?) No grasp of anything even hovering over, around, or near reality. viva piniata gay Trying to be a condescending elitist because you know you can’t actually compete with the humour on this humour driven site though…that takes it. Leather clad manlerina gay. Thanks for the virtual chocolate medal or whatever boring ass grade school bullshit you thought would fly. I mean did that really pass through your head and garner a smirk? Honestly now. Either way you lose. Point here… Read more »


    Thirty Ninth!

    purple banana

    You guys. You’re fighting on an INTERNET MESSAGE board. It doesn’t matter if someone’s posted an ‘intelligent’ comment, that doesn’t make them any less intelligent than you.

    Another enjoyable picture drowned with immature, petty, and ‘witty’ insults at each other. Sad.


    Chances are pjh2000 and deepthroat over there are the same person, who just made a second account so he could come on here and defend himself to make it look like he actually has a friend somewhere in the world. FISSION MAILED!

    And who says “Rotflmao”? It’s “Roflmao”, and no one even uses that anymore.


    Well, he could be Russian, Kero.


    *pokes the charred corpses*
    you guys still breathing?

    this thread deserves a place in the history books tbh.

    and tiki : perhaps make some disclaimer/faq thing where you warn new ppl who2notfuckwith? 🙂

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    purple banana

    posting an intelligent message would be indicative of being more intelligent than the person reading it and finding it intelligent.

    The rest of what you said barely made sense. I can’t tell what side you’re taking if any. I think you went for a whole new overly judgmental side. That would require you be more intelligent than the people you’re passing judgment on and you’re obviously not.

    ballsdeep is a commie whore.

    purple banana

    Magnus- who are you to judge anyone? Where are your credentials? Even if you did have any, it wouldn’t prove a damn thing because you’re acting like a child. I never said I was any more intelligent than anyone on here. Everyone’s intelligence lies in different areas, so it’s a pissing contest even then. I’m simply saying comments don’t have to be intelligent. They can be stupid, senseless, non sequiters, but they still provide SOMETHING to the image. I never once said someone was unintelligent- I was passing judgement on people’s actions, not people themselves. I don’t know anyone in… Read more »


    “hey can be stupid, senseless, non sequiters, but they still provide SOMETHING to the image.”

    No, no they don’t. This whole thing is because his comment actually provided NOTHING to the image. He just repteated the line DIRECTLY under the image. Had you actually read any of the comment in this thread you’d know this, but instead you decided to be captian judgemental and try to pass on your non-existant wisdom to appear like the good guy trying to break up the argument that you have no place in, and you even failed at that. GG /uninstall

    purple banana

    But I fail to see how this whole shebang affects your daily lives? What real difference does it make? None at all. It’s pitiful to see so much wasted time and effort in the post counts of some of the members of this site… Get off your asses and do something instead of wasting away in front of your computers…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re here too fuckwit. I guess you’ll only ever be happy if we’re all out inventing new energy sources and gang raping the elderly? Why am I even fucking responding to you? You’re a smarmy little faggot. Get off your ass and off that other guy’s ass too. If you hate this site so much then fuck off already. You don’t see me barging into your rigid dildo appreciation sites telling everyone to get a real hobby so do us all a favour and stay the fuck out of this domain. Here the one credential necessary in order to judge… Read more »


    Yeah because that “Total comments posted” thing is all from this week. Not cumulative over the months and or years that most of us have been regulars here.


    “Get off your asses and do something instead of wasting away in front of your computers…”

    And what pray tell are you doing right now? Sitting here like the rest of us typing useless messages to people we will never ever meet. Don’t think that you are any better than the rest of us, your telling us to get off the computer is such a heaping load of hypocritical Bull Shit that it amazes me that you acutually posted it.


    @... Jeros ” RJDeepOne on July 12th, 2007 4:47 pm “weak attempt at acting nonchalant about a thread that I’ve already committed several posts and hours of my life, not to mention countless braincells (of which I have a limited supply of)in a vain attempt to be a coolguy” Not buying it.” Not buying what? It is not even my comment you are quoting. Some kind of injoke, huh? @...MAGNUS “No grasp of anything even hovering over, around, or near reality.” Oh, and what does hover near that “reality of yours, sweet Magnus-pie? “viva piniata gay” Cool. Magnus, once again,… Read more »


    i can see what you are saying there but i cant help but think that atleast mr pee-jay 5000 is weeping whilst furiously mastrubating right about now.

    The rest of that post made as much sense as Vader in a river pouring riverwater into a large milk container with a smoothie-maker-mug or whatever.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ugh he’s maintaining this flailing attempt at the nerd as puppet master shit. Step 3 I think in the usual course of fuckwit denial. ‘I want you to insult me cause I don’t care!’ Sure you don’t. I’m sure you’ve never cared when you got picked on. I’m lying. Like I said you’re the worst kind of loser. You’re not in control and your motivation was not to see more of the same posts that were already being thrown up here. You’re a pencil dicked little piece of shit and calling you on that is not a psychoanalysis it’s an… Read more »


    Whoever loses, we all win…


    holy shit internet fight!! my money is on the nerds


    I still maintain that deepthroat and pjh200 are the same person, only with two accounts so he can defend himself and look like some sort of internet hero for defending some random retard, a.k.a. himself. Also based on his last post I think on his way to the local elementry school to pick up his date, he stopped by the highschool and took an eleventh grade psychology book and turned to a random page in a desprate attempt to seem intellegent by using whatever method of psychology he turned to. Judging by his above posts “Wah wah i don’t care… Read more »


    Maggie, wassup? Where are the famous Magnus obscenities? Are you running out of steam? Anyway, even at half the normal output, you are still able to amuse me with your “replies”. For instance, “he’s maintaining this flailing attempt at the nerd as puppet master shit” is a true gem of comical nonsense. Okay Maggie-pie, let us see what this “flail” verb is supposed to mean – Merriam-Webster to the rescue! Main Entry: flail Function: verb transitive verb 1 a : to strike with or as if with a flail b : to move, swing, or beat as if wielding a… Read more »


    now that Tiki has pointed the B&hammer at Magnus are you going to shit up every thread with your idiotic nonsense as a sick, pseudo victory dance? You disgust me, you might as well kick a small child while another bigger bully holds him down. Oh, wait, thats a situation you’re probably very familiar with isn’t it? Being held by a big strong man while another one pounds away at your ass? Please, shut the fuck up. We get it, Tiki stepped in on your side, yay for you, go be happy and gay elsewhere about it, the rest of… Read more »


    Jeros, I understand you miss Magnus.

    I will miss him too – his gay stuff was hilarious, while your is a dumb, boring and downright lame attempt at attempting an insult.

    You are no replacement for Magnus, you are just SAD.


    If your going to do anal sex, you might as well fuck guys.

    Unless of coarse the slut gets off on it, then I suppose theres a point.


    the comments in this thread are fail. i have lowered my i.q. by reading them and then submitting my own.

    magnus, you have contributed to the downfall of civilization with what you started. nice.


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