I Am A Thief I Stole From Wal-Mart


Thief = Hero!

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    If she was cuter they should’ve made her do it nude. Oh wait, could that be a guy? Icky.


    Thief =/= hero, ever.

    Just because you feel that Walmart is an evil corporate monster doesn’t make it right to break the law and steal from them. That just makes you as evil as them.

    Robin Hood was a hero because he wasn’t stealing. Even if you take the Disney adaptation literally he was only liberating stolen goods.

    Income Tax is theft.


    I learned this the hard way, in operator language its not “/” that equals not, its “!”

    That would be “Thief != hero”.

    Boolean is a pain.


    I looked all over the place for the story behind this picture. Can anyone point me there?


    If I was that guy I’d go in there on my break and swipe something.

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