“Flick Off”


this is a logo for some states energy saving program.. anyway… look like somthing else to anyone??

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    On my way to work I used to drive past a video rental place that was Flicks To Go. They used a similar font for their sign. The first time I saw it I did a huge double take.


    lol nice


    Ontario has it too. Everyone was in a big huff about it because they were all “We should resepect our teens to make the right decisions without us having to make it sound or look like swear words just so they will pay attention blah blah blah” It was stupid.


    I think that was the point, I mean stuff like this doesn’t happen by accident. If it did you’d have to wonder what kind of people are running things…

    Actually … on second thought…



    Reminds me of a new teacher at my old highschool way back. Poor Ms Flick wrote her name on the board in such a way that she was known as Ms F*ck from then on.

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