Back To The Kitchen


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    Women must pay heed to this sign.

    Jesus Christ

    EvilDon must be sexually frustrated after saying that.

    Or maybe before.


    It matters not if Kazzeh is right or not, I feel just silly having said that…..women can’t read. Silly me. However, they can operate firearms and hit REALY hard. So, don’t read My comments aloud.

    Jesus Christ

    It does so if you stay a virgin for the rest of your natural life. :3

    BUT OH NOEZ, I CANNUT REED. ='( I dunt kno wut u r sayin, lul.


    sex is too messy anyways.

    I discern that you are a woman and can, in fact, read. However, I should point out that learning how to read back when you were a man is cheating.


    Did anyone see that movie Borat?

    That first sketch that involved him at the “Learning comedy” bit? Where he was imitating his sister, the whore, by stretching his ‘vagina’ around and yelling “You will nevar get this! You will nevar get this!”

    That’s what I’m reminded of here.


    I have not seen the movie. So, to be clear, you are saying that Kazzeh reminds you of the pseudo-women version of Borat? heh


    No, I’m saying it appears difficult for you to have sex with females with an attitude like that unless you were to either get them drunk, or to lie to them.

    But no worries, that’s the general male consensus these days it seems.


    Actually, I get along with women quite well. And have at least as many, if not more, female friends then male. Not to mention that three out of four women describe me as “sweet” (seriously I took a poll). I just like making sexist and racist jokes… from time to time. I do not mean anything inimical by them.
    Anyways, thanks for the tips on getting dates. I think getting them drunk or lying to them will get me is less trouble then my current method, being: “Excuse Me, does this smell like ether?”.


    Sweet Jesus, you people wouldn’t know sarcasm if it ran over your dog and fucked your wife. That being said, I’m pretty sure Don was being sarcastic.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I thought he was just going with the flow?

    If the women you know have such a problem with cooking and cleaning then they can get used to growing old with each other cause there’s about a billion Chinese chicks who will do both while taking it in the butt if an upstanding white guy tells them to.


    My dad threw my mom out of the kitchen and said “Oh hell! I’ll do it myself!”, he’s been the cook of the family ever since, and mom learned to cook, but he doesn’t trust her 😐


    mAgnUS, do you have any their phone numbers? They don’t even need to cook or clean, because I am quite proficient at both.

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