such a gay man

such a gay man

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    See here’s the problem, You retards are all about equal rights and tolerances. But isn’t this pic suggesting someone is gay, putting being gay as a bad thing to be????? You are fucking hypocrites!


    fuck you closet homo republican


    Guess I hit a nerve, Lmao. Could I be right? yep I think I am. hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites!


    You really don’t get the joke, do you?


    Whats the joke being GAY?


    It’s a play on words – not gay as in homosexual but gay as in colorful and cheery.

    Everyone knows Rick Santorum isn’t a homosexual.

    fracked again

    Yeah, Rick Santorum is completely heterosexual. Just like Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig…

    Luke Magnifico

    What’s wrong with rainbows and hearts?

    Sounds like someone didn’t get enough hugs.


    He looks more like a Japanese cartoon than gay.


    There is a reason why googling santorum is, shall we say, not exactly pleasant, certainly not for Mr. Santorum.

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