Frank The Bowl


Whos fucking bowl is this? Seriously.
It’s nearly fucking
sentient. SKYNET doesn’t
have shit on this bowl.
I think I just saw the bowl
move. Let’s name him FRANK.

I had something exactly like this happen in college, only it was with a big pot of spaghetti.

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    I had a boyfriend do that with a pot of soup. I left it on the stove for him when he was sick. The next time I went to his house was about a month later and the pot, with soup in it, was still sitting on the stove. I swear I saw it move by itself.

    El Chupachichis

    We had a pet Beer Monster in a similar bowl. We’d feed it beer dregs every day, and it got bigger and greener. Yummy.


    I have wanted to do this so many times at my workplace. We share a kitchen with several companies and some of the people who work for the other companies are epic-scale slobs.


    I workded at a cingular-contracted call-center.. and no your warranty does not cover your stupidity… but we had a “first come first seated” cubicle thing, where you sat anywhere there was room… the one desk had a tray of fungus in it. I left it there, the week i quit, in hopes that i could come back some day and see if it was still growing… because the custodianse were not allowed to touch the desks because there might be consumer’s information inside.


    Huh…I have that same bowl at home…it’s my cat’s water bowl.

    Darth Vasya

    That’s called a Petri bowl.

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