Where Was Bush?


The Rich aren’t like Us.  During the Vietnam War, a friend of Bush’s father used his influsence to get George W. Bush a coveted position with the Texas National Guard, which involved part-time duties at home, far form the battlefields where 350 Americans were dying every week.  After completing training, Bush requested and immediately received a transfer to an
Alabama National Guard unit in May, 1972. But Bush never showed up for duty, according to the Alabama unit’s commander and the commander’s assistant.  Military records show that Bush’s commanding officers back in Texas reported that he did not show up for duty there either for a year, and that they believed he had been transferred to Alabama.  Officially, the period between May 1972 and May 1973 reamians unaccounted for.  Reporting for military duty i not usually optional, particularly during a war.  Going AWOL was typically punished by drafting the offender into the real army.  now, our formerly AWOL Commander-in-Chief is all to ready to deploy troops who are still mostly from poorer families.  If oil barons like Bush believe n the fight, why isn’t their blood ever on the line?  For more details see www.awolbush.com  Their Kids don’t go to War.

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    O RLY?

    Then why won’t Kerry make public his military records?

    Psh. Libs.

    tiki god

    One day, Bodero will see the light. But, it’s a long crawl out of Bush’s colon.


    Having mastered the factually incorrect nonsequitur, Bodero will go far in his party.


    Oh really?

    Because he still hasn’t signed his Form 180.

    But don’t worry, I wouldn’t expect you libs to actually follow through on a two year old article. That’d be asking too much of you. Like, you know, actually finding the truth before posting. Just keep believing the lies that the drive-by media tell you. Soon enough, the rest of us will have won the war.

    tiki god

    Looks like that particular situation is a clear as diarrhea in a public toilet. There’s multiple parts of the 180, and maybe he didn’t sign the second part? Maybe the Navy’s records are ‘incomplete’? I’d try to argue it more, but like it said, it’s not clear to anyone, least of all me.

    The Boston Globe looks to be the only mainstream paper that received the documents afaics, but linking to Swiftboat Vets and FreeRepublic aren’t going to get anyone very far, that’d be like linking to Drudge or Daily Kos as truthy news groups.


    It amazes me time and time again. There, in Iraq, are your glorious troops, dying either for the protection of American freedom or some oil, depending on who you listen to, and all you worry about are your dead soldiers…I heard your sons and daughters and whatnots have, up to now, caused the deaths of 150.000 to 600.000 Iraqi civilians. Anyone out there willing to care about them?


    All right, so maybe Kerry is being a a little secretive about his war record, but at least he actually HAS one, unlike Bush who’s never fired a single shot on the battlefield.

    And by the way, just because you disagree with Bush and the war he started it doesn’t mean you pop a boner every time a soldier goes down. I don’t think we should’ve started this war, and I think it’s time we pulled out, but I still admire the hell out our troops for their courage out there.


    you wanna know where bush was, he was out doing shit, and stuff, so u kno what you people need to just not stfu and continue to entertain me while i know all of you (cept tikigod) are wrong (cuz dammmit he just seems like he is right all the time ya know)


    I know Kerry lost an election and has been acting like a prick ever since. pariah. What an asshole.


    I am in the U.S. Army and I could say from experience that less then half those civilians are from U.S. fire. What you fail to realize is that most of them were killed from the terrorists, but the fucking media shows only the ones that we have killed due to accidents. Then, extremists blame everything on us just cause they hate Bush, GG LIBS.

    Some Guy

    I hate Bush and the conflict but have a lot of respect for our military. They have accomplished a lot for having their hands tied behind their backs most of this conflict.

    I just hate that for all that they have attempted to do that it will probably be undone in a month after they leave. No matter when they leave.

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