Judgement Day


Judgment day is here.

Show your tits and I will judge ’em.

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    Damn, Why Didn’t I Think Of That!!?!!


    The REAL Jesus would have spelled ‘Judgment’ right. And before you jump on me that either way is right, Judgement is reserved for non-judicial cases, which clearly, this is not – Jesus is the ultimate judge.

    fat, smelly, 4chan fapping pedophile

    well, it’s a little more complicated than that, since it varies depending on which english speaking country you’re in, and while i’d assume such hilarious vulgarity could only come from the US, that’s just a guess. if he’s in britain, what you said is true; if he’s in america, then he’d be wrong regardless of the context, and if he’s in south africa, he’s correct. but regardless, the REAL jesus would hopefully be thinking a bit more about love rather than judging people and having a rod up one’s ass. Not that anyone alive knows anything about the REAL jesus,… Read more »

    Dr. Sanchez

    Matt – Why do you care? It’s Jesus ‘Titty-Lovin’ Christ, Don’t fuck with him.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    That’s sacrilegious! You should be ashamed. Everyone knows that Jesus has X-ray supervision, and can just see right through chicks’ shirts anyway–he wouldn’t need to ask to see your tits. Also he’s probably got like super mental powers and could just force you to show them by thinking it.


    Matt – Nice job correcting the guy, then spelling it wrong yourself in the next sentence


    I think however Jesus spells it, is the way it’s spelled. It goes like this: Jesus > Dictionary. But only because if you give a dictionary a few loaves and fishes, it just gets smelly and wet.


    And he has such a smart looking purse too.

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