Jenna Jameson’s Gone Downhill

Remember when Jenna looked like this? Sadly time goes by, and porn stars get plastic surgery, not all of it for the best :



From totalcrap

(PS, click to see the boob wrinkles.  ugh)

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    Guessing about the ages, but most people don’t look the same in their mid-late thirties as they do when they’re twenty. There’s no excuse for bad plastic surgery, but that looks more like bad makeup than anything else. Also, if you complain about wrinkles, you shouldn’t complain when people get surgery to remove wrinkles.


    yeah, i can’t entirely tell what’s plastic and what isn’t, but i think a sandwich, a less middle-aged hair cut, and few weeks away from the tanning bed would help restore a decent bit of her hottness.


    I think the “boob wrinkles” might be where her implants have shifted position since she looks like she’s lost a lot of weight. I agree with the previous comment that she needs to eat something and stay out of the tanning bed (or get a better tanning lotion).


    Gah, so brown and leathery… my wallet taken human form…


    Yoooo…. she nothing but a ho


    Go to the totalcrap page and look at the bottom pic. I’ve seen saddles that looked prettier.


    She fucked her shit up. Used to be such a knockout too.

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