Mexican Bus Pass



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    I’m mexican but I founded a lot funny xDD.


    i think they’re asian. :/


    They’re Asian… ¬¬


    I was thinking the same thing. “Hey! Those kids aren’t mexican.” But I figured, “I must be wrong, cause the guy who posted the image must have done some research and has found concrete evidence leading him to not just believe, but to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that those kids were in fact mexican.”

    I forgot what point I was trying to make.

    What were we talking about?


    It’s Indonesian photograph. It was shot by a journalist from a newspaper called Jawa Pos (i think 3 or 4 years ago) during the Indonesian ‘Thanksgiving’ where everybody went back to their birthplaces. It won an award (i think best picture of the year) from either AP or something else.

    Please don’t write anything if you’re not sure. It just showing your ignorance.


    Oh my god what aterrible thing look at the bus driver face weeeeeeeeee!!!!!


    Everybody on the Minority Ride!


    it is not mexican bus.
    it is an Indonesian Military truck Accident.

    Actually it was photographer Sholihuddin for Jawa Pos. Caption reads

    “A military truck carrying over 100 youths keels over under its heavy load. The passengers were supporters of local football club Persebaya, enjoying a free ride home and waving flags to celebrate their team’s victory. The truck – one of 24 made available by a military commander – capsized after only one kilometer. Most of the passengers escaped unharmed, but 12 were hospitalized with minor injuries.

    Found it here.