Berlitz Language School Advertisment


Oh fuck, does that mean there’s puffer fish in the water?  Or does it mean there’s babies with goggles on the beach?

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    That’s the intention of the ad, actually -making you wonder what the hell does the sign mean.


    Whatever it means, I’m going the other way…


    It’s the legendary black swimmer, a fun local myth they’ve been telling for years. It’s kind of like the Lock Ness Monster of Tamil-Nadu.

    I swear to god, you might think I’m bullshitting, but google it.

    Thank you for that explanation, though, Tremere. I wasn’t entire clear on the meaning of the add before.


    it’s a warning that the beach is racist and people occasionally walk around in black-face…obviously…


    I thought it meant to beware of local cannibals but the joke is you can’t read it so you go anyway and end up getting eaten.

    And the reason it’s on this site is cause the cannibal is black and that’s offensive to cannibals.


    Warning! Native cannibals loose on the beach


    it says Berlits language school will teach you how to convince cannibals not to eat you RAW

    Thanks for finally talking about > Berlitz Language School Advertisment | My[confined]Space < Liked it!