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    That can’t possibly be a real sign…


    LoL! Thats almost as ironic as the old navy slogan “accelerate your life”






    Shopped, but with a grain of truth. Supposedly they’ve been targeting high-school drop-outs for recruitment. Guess Kerry was right.


    lol, nice photoshopping, i would assume it was real if it wouldn’t be a PR nightmare.

    they forgot emotional cripples, racists, and sociopaths though.


    i know a guy who failed the entrance examination (or whatever they make ’em take) twice, scoring well below the requirement. then they called him up and said, “we’ll take you anyway.”


    Hey, Caio, its funny that you say that, since the military doesn’t accept anyone without a diploma.

    tiki god

    Army Requirements says :

    # You must have a high school diploma (or equivalent).

    Which brings us to G.E.D. (good enough diploma):
    “Common reasons for GED recipients not having received a high school diploma include immigration to the United States or Canada; homeschooling; and leaving high school early due to a lack of interest, the inability to pass required tests, or personal problems.”

    I had a couple of highschool friends that dropped out and got their GED..and then promptly enlisted for the $5,000 signing bonus. And then were kicked out for smoking pot on their off hours.


    ^^^ quick 5 grand eh? I was in the army, I met some of the most intelignet people in the army. Infantry as a matter of fact and there were soldier, not officers but regular soldiers with college degrees. There were people who had made themselves rich in the stock market. History buffs, nerds and some very wise old Platoon sergents that just loved what they did and took pride in themselves, their job, and their country. The army recruiters are just doing theree job, wich would be a lot easier if people would give them just a little bit… Read more »


    Argh, typos. I havn’t had my cafine injection yet.


    Hey, Zephriam, you’re a fucking idiot. You don’t have to have to graduate to get equivalence. And most employers look at a GED with slightly less respect than a piece of used toilet paper. But lookee here: And of course, I’m assuming you live in a fucking cave, and haven’t heard this story: and on a similar topic: You know, I have a cousin in the states who is dumb as a rock. Two years ago he got out of highschool and tried to join the army but was rejected. After two years of unemployment, he just… Read more »


    Who’s the fucking idiot when I just got you to waste a chunk of your life looking up some pointless info that no one cares about?


    Who is the fucking idiot here if you can’t even correctly spell the user name of the person you’re attemping to flame?

    o_O Just a thought.


    Ciao, way to pick out a few isolated incidents to prove a policy, and when has the media ever done anything that was not deliberatly designed to be slanted against the military? Every time you turn around you here abuot how dumb troops are and about how many babies we kill and how many women we rape. I have never killed a baby or raped anyone. I have helped build schools and hospitals in Afganistan. I was part of a military presence that made it so the People of the Orgun could sleep peacfully at night. I passed out water… Read more »


    Jeros is right, the media unfairly covers the military. Do you hardly ever see stories of the good they’re doing? Or is it just coverage of the bad things that are not reflective of the military as a whole. As for the GED, i may be wrong but i think that the army will accept it, but other branches will not. I could be wrong, so don’t hold me to that. Regardless of whether our intentions now are right or wrong in our war, our troops should be supported for the many sacrifices they make. How many of you can… Read more »


    You’re right, the AirForce and Navy do require a DIPLOMA. I should know, as I’m joining the Navy. And aye, bravo, Jeros.


    lmao! That’s the recruiting depot I went through!

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