Where was King Kong during 9-11?

Where was King Kong when we needed him?

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    I dont appreciate anyone making fun of 9-11. Go ahead and make fun of some stupid ape but dont make humor out of an event that killed thousands of people. The only people that should be making fun of 9-11 is the taliban and look waht has happened to them!

    whats it to you?

    Make fun of King Kong but dont you EVER make fun of 9-11. If anything we should be talking about how stupid Benladin is… Also the only people that should be making fun of 9-11 is the taliban, oh no look what happened to them!

    tiki god

    What are you kidding? There are no sacred sheep around this site, lol.


    I think you’ve just been successfully trolled Tiki


    “if anything we should be talking about how stupid Benladin is”

    Lol bin-laden… Thumbs up for you.


    hey guys, dont, please i beg of you, dont fuck with kero, he will correct your spelling

    t. durden

    King Kong would have whooped all them terrorists sons of bitches, but Donkey Kong could have to, as long as al-Queda can’t jump over rolling barrels.


    LMFAO, t. durden.

    Seriously, if we can continue to live our lives and find humor in even the darkest times, isn’t that showing how truely strong our nation is? We aren’t sitting idley and mourning every day. I’m not saying that going to war was a good idea, or that this picture changes any lives, but I AM saying that people need to realize that these types of pictures are showing American Pride. Would we make these pictures if we did not mourn the loss of the towers?


    glam_bastard – we make fun of it because we know what happens to countries that do nothing to stop their people from doing things like kamakazie hostage takeover missions on US soil.


    hi, First, I am here because the movie King Kong has ended on my tv just 10 minutes ago. The 9/11 events was the scary things ever happening in my life I must say first. At the end of the movie when King Kong climbed the world trade center with the beautiful actress Jessica Lange in his hand it was impossible for me to not think about 9/11 because the movie contain a lots of differents shots of the 2 biggest towers in the world. But a new stuff or a new felling struck me when the army decided to… Read more »

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