If Gov Bob McDonnell Were German

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    1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_McDonnell

      Cartoon makes as much sense as it does look like the guy.

      Unless there’s another Governor Bob McDonnell?
      If there isn’t this comic thing really sucks huge.


      • Yup, no idea what this is supposed to be about. I expect to see it with the title changed a fair bit though.


      • Bob McDonnell proposed a Confederate History month for May (I believe) of this year sometime back in April, honoring the Confederacy but failing to mention any of the “unpleasantness” like slavery. After a few days of backlash, he issued a statement half-ass-apologizing for not mentioning slavery.


        • Ah so its just more sensationalizing from the leftist crybabys.

          Don’t worry guys. We won’t forget the slavery of black people by white people.

          Oh and don’t look at Africa right now because the chinese enslaved them again.

          But you don’t want to know about that.

          Please continue being self centered dumbshit faggots and wonder why your worlds are falling apart.


          • I think I see why you “fuck retards”.

            They’re the only one’s that could possibly stand to be around you.


            • I am better than you in every conceivable way.
              That’s right! All of the ways, including those that might contradict each other. If you were confused, this encompasses both the online persona present in this discussion AND the person sitting here typing IRL. You can toss back some bile if you’d like, but even in the field of hate spewing trolls, you trying to weigh in with me is like watching a cute little moth trying to snag a bug-catcher with a leetle tiny net.

              The worst part, man?
              It’s that you lack even the one thing that could make up for your dearth of substance: style. A little would take you a long way, but you’re so far in the red in that respect that you can only have three possible responses to my comment:
              1)A short “go fuck yourself”
              2)A long winded defense of your rhetoric, which of course will be full of still more pointless, pissy rhetoric, or
              3)Ignore it completely.

              As far as I can tell, your whole function thus far as been waiting around for me to have a nice little typing exercise after a long day at work.
              So, thanks for that,
              and please feel free to continue with your simple little games- it’s pretty frggin’ adorable.


            • You sure seem to think we have some connection.

              I have no idea who you are at all. lol

              You don’t like my ‘style’? What a fucking gay ass critique. Also what variations on a response are there other than what you listed you stupid fuck? A short winded rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric? I think you actually think you sound smart? Now THAT’S adorable.

              You’re better all right. You’re the real winner. You’re a big bad…man?

              Except you’re poor. You’re fat and lazy. You have no friends. The only thing you’re better than anyone at is standing next to just about anyone and making them look better by comparison. This includes online presonas, IRL, and fictitious scenarios. No one has even made up a bigger loser than you.

              I’ll go back to me ‘games’ now.

              You go back to pretending you matter anywhere to anyone and that we have some consistent back and forth I was supposed to be paying attention to.


            • Uninspired. I give it a 5/10. You picked up some points with mocking the “connection” idea you found laughable, but the rest just seems to be a knee-jerk, baseless insult reaction. Again, no style. Zip. And, duder, calling me poor, fat and lazy is a stupid thing to try and drive home the burn with.
              Also, there are a multitude of response types aside from the three I described- I’m sorry if you can’t figure them out, but that was kindof the point of that comment.
              Goodnight, shnookums.


            • That was a completely substance free response you gave.

              But at least you did what you homos do best: judge people rather than face up to your problems. As if anyone gives a shit about your opinion.
              Again I have no idea who you are. That must suck for you. You really want me to but I really have no clue. Probably because your previous posts were as intelligent and clever as this round of nonsense.

              Why don’t you go ahead and rack your brain for more response types. Ones that I can’t just point to the other you listed and say ‘that goes there you fuckin retard’.

              Try real hard and maybe you can after all this actually make half a point.

              Or go back to being forgettable and making some weird analysis of things. You’re sort of like a bloated welfare case with a news paper hoping someone will listen to your yelling.


            • And now Maggie demonstrates the concept of projection…


          • Or maybe it’s more of a case of “why are you celebrating getting your collective asses kicked”?


          • Come on over, Snuggleplums. I know that you don’t mean any of that, and just want some attention.

            McDonnell wanted to celebrate the Confederacy and then acted like he didn’t know about slavery. He was being a douchebag, so I can understand why you would want to defend one of your own.

            Is it wrong to criticize a neo confederate like McDonnell if we don’t also condemn Chinese mining operations in Africa?

            How about you make a few original content images bringing M[c]S’s attention to the China’s near slavery operations in Africa, or the destruction of Nigeria’s environment by Dutch Shell’s drilling? Or are you afraid of that, too?


            • How about you quit thinking you’re smart and accept that you’re a joke.

              So some politician did something and just as I said the crybabies cried.

              Big fucking deal. He forgot about slavery. How dare he. Between that and the holocaust there has never been anything as horrible or damaging in the history of the world. According to fucking idiots like you.

              Like it or not thats a part of your history and the people who went along with it at the time were people like you. Simple people who couldn’t think for themselves and believed everything they were told.

              Why would I make some stupid content to submit? To raise awareness? Grow up you idiot.


            • Oh, Sweetums, its OK if you just run away and hide like you have the last few threads. BTW, what degree did you get to? Because I’m Dr. Joke to you, Sugarnipples.

              Ah, so nobody is allowed to criticize anybody if somebody somewhere else did something even worse? I happen to be aware of some pretty terrible times in human history, as well as current events, thank you very much, and don’t deny that they happened, or use worse ones to mitigate the lesser.

              In the specific case that is being discussed in this comic, something that appears to elude you, is that McDonnell was using the government to whitewash the confederacy. Should we say, oh, thats not so bad, let’s not bother to criticize him, or point out that he is wrong with some mockery.

              I doubt it even goes that deep for you, though. You just want to throw a fit and criticize people who actually bother having an opinion. Any opinion. You just want to bitch, but in the laziest way possible, hence not offering any OC. I think thats why you change icons and names so often, to try to catch people off guard with one of your dull attempts at trolling.


            • Like it or not your country wouldn’t exist right now without that confederacy.

              Your whole approach makes you look like more and more of a loser. But please continue as if it doesn’t. The world needs losers like you. I guess.


            • The problem is that you never come back with a useful response, Maggie.

              The US as it currently is wouldn’t exist without the confederacy. What does that have to do with anything?


            • It has to do with not forgetting your past you brain dead loser and at the same time recognizing that essential part of your history is not all about one unfortunate aspect of it. But then what would you cry about?

              I always have substance in my responses even if I don’t polish them up for you as not to offend you you fucking turd. Just because you get confused and offended doesn’t mean others are unable to follow along.

              You don’t have either. Somehow you think that’s better?



            • Maggie, That is precisely what McDonnell was trying to do, celebrating only the good, forgetting the bad.

              Keep trying, though, babybooby. I’m sure you will produce something of worth, even if by chance.


        • Funny how many people forget that, even during the civil war, there was slavery in the North. It ended when Lincoln’s administration outlawed it, and even then it wasn’t a popular move. Slavery was NOT an exclusively Southern institution. It was only more common there because the South’s economy relied so heavily on agriculture, which is where slaves were used the most. The lower dependency on agriculture and, thus, slaves was the only reason the abolitionist movement was stronger in the North than it was in the South.

          Also note that runaway/freed slaves weren’t exactly welcomed with loving arms in the North, either. They were viewed as a burden even there.


          • They were welcomed pretty well when smuggled into Canada.

            Only people who share your level if education or lack there of think it was exclusively a southern thing or even an American thing.

            Or that all slaves have been black.


            • Once again you prove that you’re handle translates into masturbation…


            • Wow you guys really love to fall back on lame jokes on the name when you finally have to accept you’re fucking stupid.

              Thanks for keeping up the pattern.


            • Nah, I do it when I realize that you’re not worth arguing with. Wise man once say: Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.


            • Was that wise man possibly a drunken uncle of yours because they sounds about as wise and witty as something some inbred hog would cough out in between hot dogs.

              Don’t tell me you won’t be funny. Just accept that you can’t. Nor clever. Nor intelligent. You ain’t even book smart.

              You’re a whole rolly polly pile of nothing.


            • Again, so what? Nobody is saying that slavery was only southern, American, or of blacks.


            • Name another era of slavery without looking it up.

              At one time or another everyone has been shit on.

              People like you have just been conditioned to respond to certain phrases or symbols with blind hostility.

              You’re too stupid to see it which is funnier and funnier.


            • Another time with slavery, that I don’t have to look up? I suppose we shouldn’t count the Sino-African mineral trade we discussed earlier, which I was already aware of.

              Japanese soldiers took slaves from all surrounding territories as well as defeated Allied soldiers to do various hard labor, and put captured women to work as sex slaves.

              The Hebrew culture up until the Diaspora was based upon slave labor of two types. Those who worked as indentured servants for an agreed upon length of time, and those who were made permanent slaves from within the former, as well as their offspring.

              African tribes, especially on the western coast, took slaves from other tribes for centuries.

              North African culture had a very long history of slave taking, especially by piracy, on up until the 18th century.

              The Children’s Crusade was a fever dream of some priest, wherein lots of kids were gathered up and sent to fight for control of the “holy” land, thinking that Jesus would miracle them to victory. They were sold into slavery upon arrival.

              Bringing us to the various Caliphates and Islamic Empires, which had lots of slaves for nearly every purpose imaginable.

              Serfdom in Europe was little more than slavery by another name.

              Is that enough, or should I continue? This is why you will always be the bottom to my top, Doodlypuss.


            • Ya cause you have Google and aren’t funny.


            • No google needed. Nor bing. Just my memory. I met your challenge and all you can do is mope. You are just a sad little boy.


            • Bullshit.

              Unless you’re some massive failure and you majored in history.

              So now on top of being a fag, completely not funny, annoying, wrong about just about everything you try and criticize, you’re also a liar.

              Way to go.

              Please post more so anyone reading this can get a more complete picture of how much of a loser you are.


            • No Mags, I just pay attention to the news, and not the TV news. I read. You can’t take being beaten fair and square so you cry like a little baby. And I thought you only did that to get your diaper changed.

              But let’s apply your logic to yourself, Sugarpoo. You knew about at least some, so that means that you are a massive failure who majored in history.


    2. The only thing that doesn’t work in this cartoon for me is that German federal law prohibits Nazi symbols or propoganda, so this actually wouldn’t happen (in public).


      • Do Europeans just regard “Freedom of Speech” as a quaint American notion? Such backwards people! 🙁


        • well the only difference is that USA preaches freedom of speech then silences anyone who has an opinion the Govt doesnt like,….while europe just keeps people silent from the start


          • Name one. I bet they were found guilty of making threats or inciting violence.


            • The government didn’t silence her. She lost her job. Thanks for proving that Kommie is brighter than you are.


            • What you want her dead you fucking idiot?

              Firing her for her opinion is exactly the point. God fucking damn you’re dumber than dogshit.

              Lost her job? Preach your half assed bullshit to your fellow tards. She didn’t “lose her job” she got fired. She got fired in the place that preaches free speech but really you’re only free to think how you’ve been told to. Like you do.

              It takes less than 10 seconds to type and submit a response that show how fucking wrong and stupid and full of shit you are.


            • Again, you are missed the point in your rush to hit “Submit Comment”.

              Kommie said, “…USA preaches freedom of speech then silences anyone who has an opinion the Govt doesnt like”

              The government did not take her job away.
              She was not prevented from speaking.
              She can say whatever she wants, wherever she likes.

              Her employer decided that they didn’t want to controversy that she had attracted and chose to fire her. She can still speak, but cannot use their platform from which to do so. Her right to free speech was not infringed upon, and there is no right to employment.

              Having reviewed her commentary in context, it is plain that she should not have been fired as her words were directed against the illegal settlers within the Palestinian lands. They shouldn’t be there and should have to move. Whereto, I don’t care.

              I expected Kommie to fall into this obvious legal trap, as he is plainly an idiot, but I expected more from you based on (your own) reports of your brilliance.

              Could you try taking more than 10 seconds to try to show me as full of shit? Maybe once, you will manage it.


            • Right.

              Everyone shit on her just… individually. And with no pressure.

              You’re a fucking idiot again.

              She spoke her mind and was fired and ostracized.

              It really doesn’t take me 10 seconds to show how you’re full of shit. Its obvious to anyone with a brain. No need for me to point it out I guess though you do seem to be in denial about it.

              The government didn’t like what she said. Plain and simple. More importantly the same people who are important to the government didn’t like it. They’re also important to other politically connected companies. You do know what a lobbyist is right?


            • Free speech only concerns itself w/ gov’t interference and suppression. None of that happened in her case. I’ve been fired for having a non-natural hair color. The gov’t couldn’t do it, but Shearson -Lehman could. I wish her employer hadn’t fired her and stood up for her. The only question I have is “What about her front row seat for the daily White House briefings“? If she hadn’t been fired/resigned, would the White House have taken her privileged seat from her?


            • Sorry Mags. You just don’t understand the concept of freedom of speech and how it is different from freedom of employment.

              The Bush administration didn’t like MSNBC, but they couldn’t fire anybody there, although MSNBC did let Donahue go out of fear that his opposition to the Iraq war would hurt their ratings. The Obama administration doesn’t like FOX, but can’t fire anybody there, or even mildly inconvenience even local talk radio hosts.

              You are slipping into conspiracy theory space here. You just aren’t very bright. But you will always be my little muffintop.


            • I can’t reply direct to nyokkis post for some reason.


              What I’m getting at is her employer fired her for her views and her employer shares the sentiments of the government on the subject she spoke out on.

              She got lynched by the media and had her life stripped away.

              That takes a lot of power. The kind of power lobbyists have.

              The left wing of America really really doesn’t want people to have freedom of thought let alone freedom of speech. Hence the brainwashing that’s so effective on simple people like this fucking idiots fracked or whatever the hell his handle is.

              The fact is the woman has been silenced for expressing her views and the subject she spoke about was one she is an expert on.


            • The comments only nest much, then you can’t reply anymore.

              I see your point. I don’t think it’s really a First Amendment issue or de facto censorship, but I am disturbed by what happened to her. She was definitely pressured by those around her, who are apparently cowards. Again, I am also disturbed about this idea that the Whitehouse has so much control over who gets to sit in the pressroom and who gets to ask questions. That relationship is way too cozy for me. Is journalism really dead?


            • Mags, maybe its that you are from Canada and aren’t familiar with the application of the 1st amendment and legal precedent, or maybe you can’t admit that you might possibly be wrong. Again.

              I also don’t think you understand what a lobbyist is. Lobbyists talk to members of Congress. Not to media conglomerates. Unless you think that there was some secret law passed to fire her that nobody is allowed to talk about… Oh wait, that probably is what you think.

              She said something that could be taken out of context in a very negative manner. The far right ran the lynch mob on her, not the far left. Her employer decided that she had become more of a negative than a positive and fired her.

              Some on the left do not support free speech to the extent that they should. But then, many on the right don’t either. But she was in no way censored by the government.

              And I’ll just fire off a note to my brObama and tell him that he has missed out on a great way to silence Beck and O’Reilly and the like. He just has to tell their bosses to fire them. Of course, that only works in crazy conspiracy theory land.

              And yes, my handle is ‘fracked again’. I don’t change it every few months like some people.


      • Actually, not really. It prohibits portraying Nazis in a positive light, but it does not outright ban any and all Nazi symbolism.


        • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strafgesetzbuch_%C2%A7_86a

          If you were ever right and not just an annoying fat fuck how wrong you are again would be a surprise.


          • Look up “propaganda”. If you were right, then why was Wolfenstein allowed in Germany, complete with Nazi enemies?


            • They didn’t have Swastikas on them in the new version in the German release you fucking asshat.
              The original wasn’t so much as allowed as ‘how do you ban a tiny little game that the people in charge don’t give a fuck about?’.

              Its not up for debate as to whether I and the other guy are right.

              Its fact you stupid fat cunt so shut the fuck up already or I’ll piss on your pie.

              You’re annoying and useless. I bet you don’t own a single pair of pants that don’t have an elastic waist band.

              On top of that you’re stupid and full of shit.

              You’re the full package Darwinism should have taken care of and eventually will.


            • That’s pretty much allowing it. That law is widely misinterpreted by Americans. Go ask an actual German what it means and how it is enforced. Oh, and don’t rely on Wikipedia for all your education.


            • I was in Germany two weeks ago you stupid fat fuck.

              You CAN NOT show a swastika. It is out right illegal you dumb fuck.

              Not caring about a video game in the 90’s is not proof of anything. You’re just so desperate to be right huh you fat fucking cunt?

              Why don’t you go find me a more legit source that backs your ‘opinion’ okay? No? Then shut the fuck up.

              Oh and wiki has sources. They’re at the bottom. YOu can click on those yourself. lol

              wikipedia not being a valid source isn’t even a valid argument anymore. I should have known you’d be a few years back. I think people were still accepting of fat fucks like you back then.


            • Mags is actually right on this, even though his sausage slurping spree to dick dangling Deutschland has nothing to do with it.

              The law does make any non educational, non artistic use of the swastika illegal. Germany considers video games to be neither art nor education, and has banned other games in the past unless an acceptable version is offered.

              However, if the intent is to make an anti nazi statement, the law is often ignored, so Tyger is right that enforcement does vary based on the situation, just not this one.


    3. That chick is pretty hot though. Of course there’s be fisting and leather involved as well, midgets too.


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