Hotlinking Is Risky

This isn’t an e-mail that I’ve personally received, but it’s still funny:


As you know, when you hotlink images from someone else’s site, you run the risk of “your” pictures turning into either golden frogs or Mr Goatsie.

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    I hotlink this site all the time 🙂


    You’ve posted a lot of funny images on this site, but this is the damned funniest. I’d hate to work with the “businessman” who doesn’t capitalize and hotlinks images for his, um, corporate website.


    A nice guy, indeed. Stupid, but nice.


    maybe in the u.s., you can. 😛


    Had to make a quick PS to celebrate this….


    I’ve been taking the free apples off the trees in your orchard for years now, in order to make a living brewing my award-winning cider. Now, without any warning, you have put a high fence around your orchard, preventing me from retrieving the apples I need to support my business! Please either remove this fence immediately or supply me with a key to the locked gate, or I will have to seek legal legal advice…


    LOL! You should find out which images he is using, and change them all to goatsey! 😛


    This has to be a joke right? Right?