Chances of an atheist believing in God – Pie Chart

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    that’s not a pie chart…


    Chances of this chart being complete bullshit – 100%


    I enjoy Christmas because of the gifts and eggnog. Fuck that Jesus shit—the whole season was a Christian absorption of Yule anyway. Might as well say a person believes in Christ because they date a girl named Christine.


    70% of all percentages are made up.


    But people are 26.8% more likely to believe them if they have a decimal point


    I call BS on points #3 and #6.


    I don’t understand the graph. Are they saying that there is a 100% chance of an atheist believing in God when they are watching sports? That doesn’t seem accurate at all.


    I LoL’d…

    I say JC once in a while, it just a saying, don’t mean I believe…


    stealing a bad graph from graphjam. This wasn’t funny when I saw it a month ago, and still isn’t funny.


    What’s with all da haterz? I thought this was funny.


    I hate weekend Atheists.


    It’s funny cus it’s TRUE.


    Puulaahi: Really? It is?


    I believe in God but I believe he’s an asshole.


    Jesus Christ people yes it’s funny, if you can stop defending atheism for one second and laugh at yourself it’s VERY funny, no one here has ever put in a bet on a game and prayed for a field goal or not… Atheists acting like defensive Christians, I guess every religion and even the absince of religion has it’s sticklers.


    im a atheist(my own twisted way) and i approve of this.. because it is very funny. thanks for the laugh nyokki, may god bless you ;P

    Stupid Human

    ITT: unreasonably angry atheists.


    As an atheist, I find this humorous and somewhat true. I have a friend (who is also an atheist) who once got out of a speeding ticket for going twice the speed limit by making a very obvious Christian gesture (the thing where you move your hand around your chest), having Boy Scout stuff with him, and apologizing a lot.
    Oh, and if I was doing something I wouldn’t want to be bothered while doing, I would probably “believe in god” for a short while in order to avoid arguments.


    I guess the reason I don’t find it funny (but I also don’t find it offensive) is that it doesn’t apply to me or any of the atheists that I know (or if it does, they haven’t spoken of it openly).

    This is the same as the statement that no one is an atheist in a fox hole. But several of my friends who are atheists who are in the military and have spent some time in unpleasant situations said it wasn’t true.

    So in my mind, this graph and it’s humor apply to people who are really agnostics.


    @...goatsgomoo: Pretendiong is not believing. So, he’s still an atheist. 😛 @...outofocus: I wouldn’t say it applies to agnostics either. I am one. And that’s ONLY because I can neither prove nor disprove anything beyond my capabilities. You know what I think about when I want someone to win a game? “I hope Farve plays like the pro we pay him to be today!” You know what I think when I’m afraid I might die? “I like living so I better run!” This little chart is so narrow minded it’s beyond funny. I got the joke, but it’s only funny… Read more »


    CathyLong: Well stated.

    This very much does represent the typical mind set that believing in a god is the default and therefore no matter what a person says they feel, deep down, they are just theists.


    CathyLong: Ah, I was interpreting the title as “Chances of an atheist ‘believing’ in god”, not “Chances of an atheist believing in god”, as the first way makes sense while the second doesn’t. Although now that I look at the graph again, I can see the graph’s creator intended meaning for each situation. And it’s no longer funny to me. Maybe I’ll make another version of this graph that is closer to reality.


    @...CathyLong: i think you’re taking it too straight foward. this only means like when your mad at a friend you blurt out JESUS CHRIST HOW COULD YOU ….. he don’t BELIEVE in god but he just said jesus christ. or like Oh My Fucking GOD but he don’t intentionally mean like god god. more like a word that is used allot for those type of situation and not like. like you stated They’re not. They don’t “pray” for things in any seriousness. They don’t rely on invisible people to solve their problems. in praying. i think you take it kinda… Read more »


    ColombianMonkey: That’s a really out there interpretation of the table. I don’t see that *at all*.

    I actually removed all religion related words from my vocabulary years ago.


    well i was brought up a christian from child since i changed over the years some words stick with me but not on purpose. i don’t say it on purpose. that is what im tryna say or maybe it’s just me


    nyokki: I have a funny bone, tyvm. You shouldn’t take it personally when something you submitted is 1) not funny to someone else 2) starts a conversation that is also not funny.


    nyokki: If only god were made of chocolate…


    outofocus: ask and you shall recievecomment image


    ColombianMonkey: Son of god = god?


    well a bunch of retarded people say jesus is a life form of god blah blah jesus = god blah blah … thats basicly what i have been told. if i’m wrong i really don’t care lol


    no sweet ??? what are we animals from pluto ??? it defeats the whole product if sugarless

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