Jesus Vs Jeezus


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    This is quite simply the best religious thread ever posted on MCS, which explains why it has no comments. If it just said ‘christians are fags kill them’ or ‘atheists are going to hell’ or something it would turn into a 150-post monster.


    That’s because the admins like to post flamebait so it gets a lot of adviews. They troll us to make money.


    Indeed, this is one is actually worth something. Actually tries to distills some of the good things about Christianity in comparison to what the fanatics have made it into, instead of usual blind religious bashing that most of the religion related posts on MCS consist of…


    Oldie, but goodie. I can’t read what Jeezus said On alcohol and Drugs.


    But only say “nay!”
    Get ye high on Me!

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