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  1. storminator says:

    Hey Tiki- I cant rate anything, or comment on anything. How come?

    • tiki god says:

      I can see that you rated this “boat” post (which is great btw) and I see your comment, so maybe you’re getting too aggressively cached?

      • storminator says:

        I can rate, and post on my posts only.

        • tiki god says:

          where are you having trouble?

          • storminator says:

            Main page, on every post other than my own.

          • storminator says:

            Okay, I was randomly logged out again. I logged in, and I still couldn’t comment or rate images,

            Then I went to see if I could do it again, and while I was on the page, I noticed that I was logged out again, even though I had just logged in.

            So, I clicked the link and logged in again- and presto! I can vote and comment again!

            Very strange.

          • tiki god says:

            So the good news is that I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is: WordPress drops a cookie on your computer when you log in and that cookie is domain based, so when you’re on any of the urls you’re logged into all of them, but that doesn’t extend to any of the custom domains or subdomains, which is bullshit.

            the bad news is that I don’t really know how to fix that other than coming up with a 100% bespoke single sign on solution for the WP network I’m running here.

          • storminator says:

            I know what to watch for now, and how to fix it. So, I’m all good again.

            BUT- MAN O MAN are some of your ads DISGUSTING!! BLECH!

          • tiki god says:

            you aint’ wrong, you’re also not supposed to be seeing those, I’ll investigate that when I’m not so tired.

          • storminator says:


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