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  • Comment on Student conduct. (2009-03-11 14:41:10)
    Had it been my kid, I might have appealed the suspension. And taken my son out for a beer.
  • Comment on Surfer Girl (2009-03-06 16:38:57)
    Surf's not the only thing that's up.
  • Comment on The future as seen by the past (2009-03-04 17:22:08)
    This image originally came from Where's My Jetpack: http://wheresmyjetpack.blogspot.com/2009/02/copyright-infringement-karma.html
  • Comment on Beauty (2009-03-02 16:27:34)
    @Gary Scenario: Win.
  • Comment on lampshades (2009-02-26 14:07:38)
    Cue Magnus in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
  • Comment on An imporant message from the global entertainment industry (2009-02-24 16:00:31)
    @warren: In fact, here's an example of what I mentioned -- PDF sales pushing hardcopy sales up: http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2009/02/in-which-an-electronic-version-of-sunken-treasure-goes-on-sale.html "Over the next 24 hours, I checked sales every hour or so (hey, can you blame me?) and I watched total PDF sales close the gap with print sales, but something really awesome was also happening: the print sales, which had slowed to about 2 a day a month after release, suddenly picked up!"
  • Comment on An imporant message from the global entertainment industry (2009-02-24 14:42:12)
    @tiki god: Yup. It works with books too. There have been several titles I've bought as hardcopy because I liked the PDF enough. Giving content away for free on digital channels, if it's quality content, increases sales. As for HoChunk's question: Reproducing others' material is irrelevant to rights, but the right to be entertained is almost surely a human right ("pursuit of happiness"). With large corporate entities wanting to sever internet connections for those they call "pirates", the issue of human rights does in fact become prominent.
  • Comment on Howard the Duck (2009-02-05 15:41:53)
    It wasn't that bad. And the soundtrack was actually rather good, particularly the parts by Thomas Dolby.
  • Comment on Suck It and see it's magic (2009-02-05 13:51:38)
    Yeah, but ... banana and toffee?
  • Comment on Call of Cthulhu's Reach (2009-02-03 14:16:10)
    I got that last year and loved the hell out of it. Reviewed it too: http://indigestible.nightwares.com/2007/08/31/cthulhu-ftaghn/ The HP Lovecraft Historical Society also did a radio-drama version of At the Mountains of Madness (also reviewed here: http://indigestible.nightwares.com/2007/09/22/welcome-madness-say-hello/ ). In addition to period dramas they make and sell some rather convincing props. Nice for HPL nerds.
  • Comment on Keeley Hazell's England Shirt (2009-02-02 17:43:06)
    "Just close your eyes and think of England." "Umm, do I have to close my eyes? I mean, I really don't want to close my eyes. I mean I think I can think of England with my eyes open just fine, thanks."
  • Comment on Conspiracy Socks (2009-01-15 16:38:10)
    Thing is, those socks would actually have had to be made in Saudi Arabia.
  • Comment on Pink Tank Top (2009-01-12 18:09:50)
    @dieAntagonista: Yes. Yes, it is. Though the other parts ain't too shabby neither.
  • Comment on cats are prophets and avatars of higher powers (2009-01-09 13:17:36)
    ...And yet, allz dey wantz is cheezburger.
  • Comment on Propaganda is my boyfriend. (2009-01-02 15:24:10)
    They forgot gay marriage -- number of people killed 2001-2005: 0.
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