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  • Comment on 2 lines (2010-04-18 02:59:46)
    Yay, babies! =D I just had my 2nd son a 3-1/2 weeks ago. We had a home birth with a midwife and it was SO MUCH better than the hospital! I totally recommend it (provided everybody's healthy). Also HypnoBabies was full of win IMO.
  • Comment on Jessica Simpson (2010-04-11 02:13:22)
    wtf, she totally has makeup on. i'm so upset that her birthday is the same day as mine. =|
  • Comment on Voicemail sucks (2010-03-24 03:37:14)
    lol i'm a medical transcriptionist... I would take your job any day. =P
  • Comment on How to end childhood obesity (2010-03-22 12:51:18)
    lulz it's funny that I find boxed cereal, canned spinach, and not fresh-squeezed orange juice to be unhealthy. Not that I'm not having two of them right now... I love me some preservatives, man. They still ARE better than fast food, candy, and soda, though.
  • Comment on Chess variants (2010-03-22 12:44:57)
  • Comment on Which did you Like? (2010-03-20 02:44:32)
    Rugrats: meh Doug: meh Rocko: liked Are You Afraid of the Dark: eh AHHH!!!! Real Monsters: it was okay HEY! Arnold: meh Rocket power: never watched Catdog: meh Angry beavers: alright Kablam: really wanted to like it... For how much TV I watched when I was a kid, I sure didn't like the shows much, lol...
  • Comment on Magic of Make Up (2010-02-20 17:18:48)
    This is why I don't normally wear make-up. I feel like such a liar. It's fun sometimes when I'm playing dress-up though. ^_^
  • Comment on damn nelson mandela, you smell so good (2010-02-12 00:58:21)
  • Comment on Clash of the Titans Remake (2009-12-29 02:12:27)
    Bah, you don't Liam Neeson it.
  • Comment on Mini Ninjas (2009-12-21 19:31:31)
    We picked it up from Target for like $12 on clearance the other day. It definitely seems like a cute game. ^_^
  • Comment on Lighten Up Chicken (2009-12-13 03:08:39)
    I agree.
  • Comment on I'm Late! I'm Late... (2009-11-28 03:38:10)
    Am I the only one bothered by the word "anyways?"
  • Comment on Veggie Guts (2009-11-23 20:42:23)
    Sweet, I think this means I win! I've been a vegetarian for like a year now... but I'll occasionally have a bite of meat, preferably not the kind from the slaughterhouses. The thing is, I don't like the taste anymore. At all. But I have a 5-year-old... and he can eat all the meat he wants! Not that we usually have any at home, but when we go to restaurants or houses of friends or family - he can eat as much meat as he'd like! =D
  • Comment on russian shuttle prepped and ready (2009-11-10 01:27:25)
    "Prepped and ready!" I'm going to miss the medics...
  • Comment on Ketama, Morocco and a tree trunk (2009-10-18 16:51:00)
    You're so awesome, DieA! ^_^
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