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  • Comment on Tiki Asks : Have you known anyone that killed themselves? (2016-04-05 00:26:11)
    1. My father took his own life after suffering PTSD and side effects from Agent Orange for decades (Vietnam). Back in the late '80s, a PTSD diagnosis was considered a sign of weakness and many vets would not accept treatment; my father was one of the stubborn ones. While many docs would discuss Agent Orange and its mental/physical effects off the record, none would make an official diagnosis. 2. An ex-GF in high school took her own life, and that of her unborn child, with a shotgun. I can't say that I agreed with either decision ... but in reality my father's decision resulted in a much better quality of life for my family. It's complicated - but suffice to say, we were freed from a close-minded and abusive person.
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