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  • Comment on curiosity on the martian surface (2012-08-12 00:59:07)
  • Comment on curiosity on the martian surface (2012-08-11 15:34:06)
    It is. This site went from good content and an active community in 2005 to recycled Reddit/SU reposts purposefully mislabeled/misspelled to get more page views from people clicking through to correct it. Almost moved on during the whole pony debacle. Guess I'll finally be removing M[c]S from my bookmarks.
  • Comment on Oh God, i have so many ponies to offer you! (2012-04-10 01:20:17)
    UID #473 reporting in. I've been visiting this site daily since 2005. I *will* stop visiting this site if we have another pony explosion. I will delete the bookmark and never look back.
  • Comment on That Look. (2012-01-29 13:28:24)
    I've checked M[C]S regularly since I joined in what, 2005? We used to have "theme days" on the first of each month where every post would be, for example, Natalie Portman. If you didn't like the theme of the day, just come back tomorrow. Usually if there's something I'm not interested in I just scroll right past. For too long now I've just scrolled entire pages. Hell if I'm going to try to explain to someone why I'm scrolling down page after page of My Little Pony pictures. Not just that, but where's the content that's kept me coming back all this time? This pony shit has been going on far too long. Tiki, why are you still approving them? Is this Casemods' new troll account? I've never used AdBlock on your site, and like I said I visit regularly. I know I'm just one user but that's how I try and help out. Shall I really stop visiting M[C]S over some ponies?
  • Comment on Chiaki Kuriyama (2011-01-27 15:07:46)
    "How 'bout now, big boy? Do you still wish to penetrate me?" Why yes, yes I do.
  • Comment on Nurse Ratchet (2011-01-04 00:03:56)
  • Comment on Bodine's New Toy (2011-01-03 09:55:00)
  • Comment on Bodine's New Toy (2011-01-02 16:19:33)
    "didn’t want to blow a hole in the wall." You don't know how to hold a gun without firing it? How about not loading it to "pose" and using the three universal rules of gun safety - keeping your finger off the trigger, keeping it pointed in a safe direction, and treating it as if it's loaded at all times?
  • Comment on Bodine's New Toy (2011-01-02 11:46:00)
    You're holding it wrong.
  • Comment on now I am death (2010-12-14 09:51:37)
    That quote doesn't go with the image of a Space Shuttle launch AT ALL.
  • Comment on emma watson peach dress wallpaper (2010-12-01 01:20:13)
    I sense incoming theme day.
  • Comment on Minecraft Wallpapers (2010-10-20 19:04:27)
    Buy it. Trust me. It's the most fun game I've played in a LONG time. It's in Alpha, sure, but still amazing. If you buy it now ($13), you get all future versions including the actual release at no additional charge. If you're looking for a tutorial or something that will explain the basic gameplay, check out FatalSaint83's channel on YouTube. First episode here:
  • Comment on Color on Black Wallpapers 5 (2010-09-10 17:37:31)
    The 4th one is BAD ASS
  • Comment on asian boat crew (2010-09-06 01:55:55)
    Yeah yeah seaMEN. stfu.
  • Comment on asian boat crew (2010-09-06 01:55:27)
    They look like they could use good seaman aboard that boat. I'd be happy to help.
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