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  • Comment on o-ring cup cake (2011-05-07 00:10:31)
    They forgot his wedding ring.
  • Comment on what's in the recycle bin (2010-07-10 03:17:20)
    Awesome. We can get the comic in "too damn small", Korean, and Russian.
  • Comment on All Points Bulletin (2010-06-22 04:18:49)
    The customization on it is great, though the fact that some of the aesthetic looks is tied to progression is a bit annoying. Given that it's pretty pvp-oriented, some griefing is to be expected, but it's a bit biased - unintentionally - in favour of those who play as the 'cops'. This is in part due to the - to me, at least - relatively poor handling/controls for the driving aspect of the game. Run over some pedestrians or street signs if you're a 'crook' and your wanted level goes up [relatively quickly to boot]. Reach a certain threshold and you're fair game. Do the same thing as a 'cop' and your prestige [their version of the crooks' wanted level] goes down, making you fairly 'safe'. All that being said, it's a decent game, just not my flavour.
  • Comment on Geeky Computer Mice Designs and Concepts (2010-06-06 03:05:32)
    While the problems are movement related, the problems foreseen are a bit more... male-exclusive, shall we say.... At least, that's a problem that I foresee, if it's not the one Puulaahi foresees. [Have I used "foresee" and it's variants enough? Foresee foresee forsee]
  • Comment on Power stars in a can (2010-06-06 02:09:03)
    I misread "energy drink" as "emergency drink" somehow.
  • Comment on Tank Catapult (2010-05-31 17:35:47)
  • Comment on ren and stimpy (2010-05-05 09:09:13)
  • Comment on Moar Batman!!! (2010-04-30 14:41:11) WARNING: TV Tropes will ruin your life
  • Comment on gay hitler (2010-04-22 10:38:36)
    I honestly expected a picture of casemods.
  • Comment on Disturbing Google Search (2010-04-18 09:25:16)
  • Comment on obsessive action figure collector (2010-03-22 18:39:49)
    I can't see his hands. Given his facial expression, I find this mildly disconcerting.
  • Comment on MCS has a new subdomain! (2010-03-17 16:29:35)
    I hate the fuck out of casemods, but I have to say... Bravo, sir.
  • Comment on Bacon Hitler (2010-03-07 17:54:52)
    Even if you were correct - and you're not, as per Sticky's reply - that would only mean that he couldn't eat the bacon. Nothing in the rules about wearing it.
  • Comment on People who hate reposts must also hate... (2010-02-24 12:04:47)
    I have yet to encounter somebody who is under-age that wants to drink alcoholic beverages, that hasn't, laws or no.
  • Comment on I WANT ONE (2010-02-15 20:31:28)
    In the kitchen; making me a sammich.
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