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  • Comment on Pillar of fire (2009-05-12 15:29:33)
    Scary and impressive. Sauce?
  • Comment on "Virgin Mother" statue by Damien Hirst (2007-07-17 16:22:28)
    Um you know, I don't know how to put it more... um... correctly.... but the angle at which the photo is shot doesn't show the "virgin" part of the sculpture.
  • Comment on Impossible Statue (2007-07-17 00:57:22)
    Yep,it is at an angle, so the sculpture is possible. However, it is indeed not easy for the eye to pick up the trick. Wonder if anyone tried to do such a sculpture from The Blivet...
  • Comment on The Cure for AIDS (2007-07-17 00:51:18)
    Well, you nuke those who demand more parks and the problem is solved. Nukes are really the true panacea!
  • Comment on Jenna jameson (2007-07-17 00:46:18)
    Jenna Jameson dressed? This is so obviously shopped...
  • Comment on Bush Condoms - for the dumb fucker who doesn't know when to pull out (2007-07-17 00:42:32)
    LOL. Made my day. We also should have Putin female condoms. "When you know he will get in anyway".
  • Comment on Doggy Stress (2007-07-14 17:21:13)
    A classic.
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 16:33:59)
    @ Brushaway Whoopsie, I forgot to put a smiley. Again. Sorry it got you so confused and depressed, guess you need some Prozac. @ reboot "I was going to post a reply" Well, you obviously did post a reply As for Symposium reference... Is it where Plato argued for an army made up of same-sex lovers, Thebes-style, or am I mixing something up? Memory is imperfect... I'll refresh Plato
  • Comment on Lite Bright Terror (2007-07-14 16:20:36)
    Here is one (best) of the pages google showed when I searched +lite + brite + terror : http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2007/02/nonterrorist_em.html
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 16:03:54)
    You mean asdf or the little green man?
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 15:58:07)
    @Brushaway Well, Blessed are the believers, for they shall inherit a heartache. And, humor is subjective. So it's your problem, pal.
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 15:42:39)
    @asdf Yep, the â„¢ was irony, again. Vagabond Gypsy Freak Show Exclusive Circus is not intellectual property of anyone. You know, gypsies tend to ignore copyrights and trademarks, too :-). I will use more smilies and try to avoid subtle irony in the future
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 15:38:54)
    Brush, do you really think that one can get owned (pwned, defeated, whatever) in an internet flame war? You take this shit too serious. Don't take any more beers, they are shining through.
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 15:36:36)
    @ reboot one - you do not sound like a big expert on ancient Rome and culture in general. Could you provide some convincing, unbiased sources to back up your claims, with pages, titles, ISBNs and, preferably, links to freely available texts online? You know, just to check they are not some kind of "humble opinion". two - I made no attempt at sounding "socially enlightened", whatever it is supposed to mean, so the use of term "redneck" was appropriate and justified. Redneck redneck :-) three - my response to Tony was an example of irony, and I tried to make it subtle. If you really didn't get it, I suggest you read something about this mysterious subject to educate yourself. This will help you detect irony in the future. On my part I will use smilies more often in the future, in order to help out the "ironically impaired". four - what is this "PC superiority complex" you attempt to measure in "points"? Is there a paper on it, a scale of some sort? five - I enjoyed Maggie's rants and regret he fled this site. He was hilarious. I wrote about it in my previous comment, so it looks like you need to practice reading comprehension. six - if Magnus's flight is not going to go over well with some of you it is your problem. Only.
  • Comment on Paranoid Personals (2007-07-14 13:49:57)
    @ Tony The problem with homophobic rants is that in the civilized world "homosexual" no longer carries any negative social connotations. So, if you intend to confront a more or less civilized person on a civilized site, you have to develop something different. Homophobic name-calling can help you insult a person only if this person is a carrier of cave-men mentality that is obsolete beyond any excuse, or your social environment is a "redneck ghetto(TM)". Also, by resorting to such rhetoric one automatically demonstrates that he also carries the Uneducated Redneck mentality. Due to those circumstances Dictionary.com’s Word Of The Day© and Merriam-Webster are tools of choice. @Kero My dear, I was making fun of your sweet Maggie when he was here, I was making fun of him when he threw a tantrum and ran away, and I guess I will make some fun of him after his flight (which I somewhat regret). Also, please note that the time he spent here does not give him any sort of authority, so he had none of it. Just like you, pussycat, have no authority. Sad but true. And, your reply to Tony is really retarded, pal - what "fight" are you talking about, I see no fight here. Do a reality check, and visit a psychiatrist.
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