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  • Comment on Get down from there Ram (2008-11-13 03:02:26)
    *in a sing-song voice* 'Cause hes got High hopes, hes got high hopes, hes got high apple pie in the sky hopes. . . Had that song in my head all day thanks to this pic!
  • Comment on CPSAD (2008-10-22 03:21:15)
    hehehehe That is so great! Will it work for large ones too? The neighbor dog barks all the time!
  • Comment on Garbage Pail Kids! (2008-10-18 01:26:04)
    Good think I scanned them, too bad I left them out, my 1 year old has already chewed three of them. . . oh well. . .
  • Comment on The Four Stages of Life (2008-10-13 02:44:36)
    Come on guys. . . it doesn't really matter who is first, just who has the best comment! Whoever is first just proves they have no life other than checking out MCS all day and making sure they are first at everything. . . Makes me think they are trying to compensate for some lacking in a certain department, if you know what I mean. Anyways, Rant over. . . Have to say this pic is so true. But then again, I have seen many an old guy put away beers like a champ and die before they get to the IV level. . . being a caregiver sucks sometimes.
  • Comment on Gillian Anderson Has Looked Better (2008-10-13 02:40:47)
    F you all. . . all I have to say is DAMN!!! I would so hit that, and if she switches sides you better F-ing believe I would!
  • Comment on Get Off the Internet! (2008-10-08 13:39:19)
    @LukeV1-5: Thats what I have kids for! My 11 year old is an awesome cook, and I never have to leave my desk!
  • Comment on Shadow People (2008-10-06 01:33:51)
    Thank god. . . I'm not the only one. Saw them when I was 5... gave me nightmares for years. No one believed me of course.
  • Comment on Bikes made from left-over watch pieces (2008-10-06 01:23:28)
    isn't brasil spelled with a "Z"??? as in Brazil? Not like the page doesn't give us big red lines to tell us to check our spelling. . .
  • Comment on Guilty x 12 (2008-10-06 01:20:20)
    Thats what he gets for letting other people in on his crime this time, not to say he doesn't deserve what he got and more. . .
  • Comment on Do Not Hump (2008-10-06 01:17:34)
    your mom. . . sorry one of those nights. . .
  • Comment on Photoshop help (2008-10-06 01:15:45)
    FIRST!!! oh yeah. . . love it! Of course I cant get photoshop worth a crap. . . I like picasa much better. . .
  • Comment on Haumea of the Outer Solar System (2008-10-06 01:14:32)
    . . . ITS A SPACE STATION!!!!
  • Comment on I owe you 1 wallpaper (2008-10-06 01:12:49)
    Oh yeah, and my kids were ROFL about it. . .
  • Comment on I owe you 1 wallpaper (2008-10-06 01:12:10)
    Your other monitor was your mom. . . sorry couldn't help myself. Love it though, its now the desktop on my bedroom computer, and the computers at my husbands work.
  • Comment on Isaac Asimov (2008-10-05 18:39:27)
    The best sci-fi author of all times. We will miss him always, except for Caio, who will burn in hell for his blasphemous inferences. . . .
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