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No, my nickname is not from THAT "NumberSix" I'm not female, I'm not blond, and I don't even pretend to be one online... watch a little BBC and perhaps you'll get it. "I am not a number." "My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement."

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  • Comment on The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai - Across the 8th Dimension! (2008-04-28 16:33:39)
    I love this movie, yes it's dated, yes, it's silly to the point of stupid, but it's supposed to be a cheese-fest! And the thing is, it was lovingly crafted to be overcreamy and delicious cheese! I completely dig the music, and the fact that he's just so over the top King Of Everything Cool just makes it all the better. And lets face it, John Lithgow has never, and probably will never, turn in a more over the top and completely crazed performance. Big-Boo-TAY!
  • Comment on GlaDOS - Revealedz (2008-04-28 16:28:10)
    I agree, the guy who created this makes some very good points about the game, and why GLaDOS looks the way she does. Not to mention, doesnt he dissect the end song in a pretty nifty way?
  • Comment on Nazi Snowmobile (2008-04-28 16:26:11)
    Thanks all, I bow before your superior knowledge!
  • Comment on Killer Klowns from Outer Space (2008-04-24 11:33:16)
    I admit that I love this movie. Like everyone else, I think it's so bad it's great. It has a sort of low-rent-early-Tim-Burton vibe. And the popcorn... oh the horror of the popcorn... Heres a sad fact, i acquired the theme to the movie, and sometimes when it pops up on the iPod, I've been surprised at how many people freak out that i have it, and want a copy of the song.
  • Comment on Dr. Who - Tom Baker (2008-04-22 23:41:08)
    Tom Baker will always be "my" Doctor. He was the pefect mix of buffoon, genius, clown, ham... just everything The Doctor should be. What i liked about Peter Davidson's Doctor was the way they made the direct connection between his Doctor and Tom's. The Change from John Pertwee to Baker was done in a way as to explain why he was excentric, and from Tom to Peter was done in a way to explain why he was so weak, and dependent on his companions. Which to me, made it more interesting as a viewer. Not to mention, I always had a massive crush on Romona #2. Favorite companion? Once I get my lust out of the way it's K-9 of course!
  • Comment on The Perfect Moment (2008-04-17 09:22:26)
    I remember reading about the plane crash photo where they said that the picture was taken at takeoff, and it flipped over. They said that nobody was killed. Although the image is very dramatic. Dramatic image is dramatic. (sorry, I had to) The boat crash looks rather lethal as well.
  • Comment on Alyson Hannigan, lingerie, garter, basketball and apple. (2008-04-16 12:14:23)
    @natedog Sorry, there were supposed to be four pictures, but somehow it got cut to two after submission.
  • Comment on Air Cooled Rig (2008-04-10 21:55:23)
    Ok, thats pretty. I'm such a slob, I cant get my machine to loo like anything but a bundle of wires tossed in a box. I'm envious, not that i would spend as much time to make it look like this, I dont care quite that much. but to have it neater would be a good thing. I manage to have good airflow, and thats about it. This is just awesome, and the radiators.. perfect. The VW of case's.
  • Comment on Food Cake (2008-04-10 17:43:10)
    That cake may be a lie, but it's a delicious and brilliantly funny lie.
  • Comment on BIG Fish (2008-04-10 16:24:01)
    Thats no fish, Thats a space sturgeon.
  • Comment on heath ledger - Broken (2008-01-24 02:04:25)
    Actually, at the moment it seems as though he had pneumonia as well as trouble sleeping, so he took his sleeping pill to try and get some rest and it screwed with his already troubled breathing. That could be wrong, but thats how it's looking now, so i guess it's the easy way out in that he died in is sleep.
  • Comment on heath ledger - Broken (2008-01-24 00:26:28)
    elzarcothepale beat me to it. boo indeed
  • Comment on Small Site Update / Open Thread about MCS (2008-01-18 19:56:04)
    Heya! Quick (and stupid) question. When I click on a image from the home page, I used to go to a larger version of the image i clicked. Now it just takes me to the top of the home page again. I havent changed anything, so i was wondering if there was something wonky with the site? I'll troll the intercomputerwebs to look for pictures to submit, lord knows you have all given me enough amusement!
  • Comment on Shark Rider (2008-01-10 10:58:53)
    Amazing pic! @FMS, you made me choke your so spot on, it could be concept art from the next Earthworm Jim game!
  • Comment on COD4 Sniper Level (2008-01-09 17:54:24)
    I dug this level as well, and I call flag on the play for Jet as well, uncool to knowingly spoil something like that. And then to flaunt it with a (oops spoiler) only shows massive dickage.
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