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  • Comment on "Tis hard to pee straight" (2009-01-09 13:20:07)
    At least clean it up yourself, fucker. And we bitch about the seat because you need it down sometimes, too. So if it's needed down a majority of the time then just leave it down. Also sometimes you really have to pee and don't have time to make sure the seat's down and clean.
  • Comment on My pumpkin. (2008-10-23 09:35:01)
    I dunno, but it seems like a nice segue to mentioning that I pass a house on my way to class that has a zombie giving a ghost head on it's front lawn.
  • Comment on Attractive Face Scale (2008-10-17 02:36:55)
    They all look like the same girl as she loses weight and gets progressively better lighting.
  • Comment on 4chan Psych Profile (2008-10-10 03:13:07)
    OMG, that's my brother to a T.
  • Comment on Sidewalk Games (2008-05-10 01:07:15)
    Oh man, did anyone else see that movie with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn? That was awesome.
  • Comment on Pale Zooey (2008-01-22 04:00:36)
    She is Zooey Deschanel. She was also in Elf. Her sister Emily stars on Bones. They are both the epitome of awesome. When I grow up I wanna be Zooey.
  • Comment on Females - Get them while they're young (2008-01-15 15:50:52)
    Sean Connery is decidedly not sexy. Old men are not sexy. That is a myth, something old men enjoy telling themselves. The only reason young women pretend to want your sorry saggng ass is because you are rich or can open proverbial doors for them.
  • Comment on Terrorist Grandma (2007-12-28 06:17:32)
    natedog, you have redeemed (partly anyway) yourself in my eyes. schulzbrianr, you're a retard, but that's not really new. slakinator, pretty please become an hero? Caio, I love you.
  • Comment on England - The Welfare Country (2007-12-28 06:07:33)
    @natedog You are grossly over simplifying an incredibly complicated issue. You are also a fucking moron. Same goes for diabeetus.
  • Comment on Gummy Bears (2007-12-26 03:00:49)
    OMG! I used to watch this show all the time! And though I know it will be scarring and pain me for life I can't help but wonder, rule 34?
  • Comment on Tree of Life (2007-12-23 03:23:34)
    Please, no feeding the trolls.
  • Comment on Firefox v. IE (2007-12-23 03:20:21)
    Actually that's a pretty hawt pic of Gates. Comparatively.
  • Comment on Wonder Woman (2007-12-22 06:41:38)
    I heard that in the really old comics almost every battle is in fact some thinly veiled BDSM sex scene. Anyone know if that's true?
  • Comment on Ice Ship (2007-12-22 06:35:28)
    Repost. And not like teh bestest one evar.
  • Comment on Grant Imahara (2007-12-21 04:31:41)
    Oh wow, battle bots, That brings back memories. Like when there were some on the Screensavers. Back when G4 was TechTv. God I miss TechTv. And remember back when G4 used to be a mostly gaming network and not just another guy network. I miss that. There used to be intelligent programming on that channel. Ah well, at least I still have Adam and Morgan. Adam is sexay. :)
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