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  • Comment on Highlights From RNC Day One (2020-08-25 12:17:58)
    Liberty U. says Falwell resigned. Falwell says he hasn't. The jokes write themselves.
  • Comment on NEW COVID CASES YESTERDAY (2020-07-20 16:47:12)
    We're Number 1!!!! Is America great yet?
  • Comment on Grant Imahara Host of ‘MythBusters’ and ‘White Rabbit Project’ Dies at 49 (2020-07-14 15:30:28)
    2020 sucks!
  • Comment on Yep (2020-06-10 10:43:42)
    What the others have said, plus, one photo is an expression of contrition, solidarity, and sympathy for people with a legitimate grievance.   The other is a photo of a small fingered vulgarian pretending he isn't a chicken-shit Bunker Bitch.   And, you know, neither Nancy nor Chuck used rubber bullets or chemical weapons to clear teh area before they showed up.  
  • Comment on PRESS SECRETARY (2020-05-26 09:25:16)
    This is a gross and unfair slander of honest, hardworking vinyl girlfriends, everywhere.
  • Comment on it was never about the tan suit (2020-05-26 08:35:12)
    But there was something about mustard.
  • Comment on All Voters Should Have IDs (2020-05-19 14:30:29)
    Now ask: How do Indian citizens GET their voter IDS? The answer to THAT question, vs. how voter IDs are obtained in the U.S.is why voter ID laws in the US are for and about voter suppression. Try not to use your ignorance as a weapon; it's not really a good one.
  • Comment on my masks (2020-05-15 11:28:46)
    Want! Need!
  • Comment on CHAIN SMOKER (2020-05-14 18:29:19)
    I believe, (I could be wrong), that this is a photo of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the man who built the steamship Great Eastern, launched in 1858. He's posing beside the massive chains and one of the windlasses that were used to slow the ship's slide into the Thames. The ship was about five times the size of any contemporary ship.
  • Comment on Katie she tested very good (2020-05-11 21:03:35)
    Just spit-balling here... but, (hear me out), maybe electing a grown man who exhibits the comprehension of a *slow* toddler was not best idea.
  • Comment on Katie she tested very good (2020-05-11 14:46:01)
    One is forced to wonder if we'll EVER know why she suddenly tested positive. Mystery!
  • Comment on BIKINI (2020-04-30 18:40:17)
    Ummmm... If I looked at this, the FBI found out, could yhey arrest me? (For the record: I have not seen it.)
  • Comment on WHEELIE (2020-04-24 09:33:15)
    I just can't help but feel that this ended in tears. Or, at least scrapes, bruises and possibly fractures.
  • Comment on Trump team failed to follow NSCs pandemic playbook (2020-03-28 10:54:15)
    Sometimes I wonder if you understand that that is first, untrue, and second, EVEN IF IT WERE, it is not even close to a defense. Is it that following the Orange Shit-Stain makes you incapable of understanding logic, or is it the lack of logic that makes you a Drumph supporter. I mean, which is the cause and which the effect just isn't clear to me.
  • Comment on CATEGORY 6 (2020-02-25 17:48:24)
    A lot of people are saying he's the biggest idiot, ever. Much bigger than Obama.
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