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  • Comment on Ron Death Sentence (2020-12-13 12:20:19)
    What a piece of shit coward this guy is.
    This is a gross and unwarranted slander of honest, hardworking, cowardly pieces of shit, everywhere. DeSantis should be in jail.
  • Comment on CONFESSION TIME (2020-12-13 10:38:04)
    OPSEC? Remember OPSEC? You're not supposed to mention the eetings-may. Remember the talk George gave about that? They're already on to us.
  • Comment on SHORTS (2020-12-04 12:54:31)
    I feel like the title of this post counts as... what do they call it?... a buried lede?
  • Comment on Trump supporters in Georgia threaten to destroy GOP boycott runoff elections (2020-11-21 19:17:30)
    Only Librul cucks vote in runoffs! Boycott the runoff! Show your support for Dear Orange Leader! Stay Home! Don't Vote!
  • Comment on FUSES (2020-11-15 21:31:47)
    This should be in the NSFW section. This is *definitely* Not Safe For Wiring.
  • Comment on killed a quarter million people (2020-11-05 16:56:48)
    Put a pin in this, folks. Deaths lag infections. There were over 100K new cases yesterday. Soon enough, you'll hear all the GOP talking about how many more deaths have occurred after Biden became president. (Just from existing infections, we're looking at 100K more deaths, even if no one else got infected from this day, forward.)
  • Comment on FLY (2020-10-29 13:55:06)
    When you're a musca domestica they let you. You can do anything.
  • Comment on Joe Biden Endorses Trump (2020-10-27 21:32:39)
    So... Trump supporters live in a fact-proof bubble. Brix made that statement well after the Trump Maladministration had fscked up the COVID-19 response well beyond fixing. *IF* we'd done everything perfectly from there, we'd have been looking at 200K. Now, at 230K deaths, we're looking, just from existing cases, at another nearly 200K deaths, IF WE GET NO MORE INFECTIONS from today. Fsck Trump. Fsck that idiots who vote for him.
  • Comment on OUCH (2020-09-22 08:35:20)
    You know, storminator, these "ouch" posts really do hurt me. So often you're showing cars from my long lost youth... it's a lot like getting a regular reminder of my own mortality. Jus' sayin'.
  • Comment on river snake (2020-09-19 22:12:53)
    I'm going to have to go with: "No. No thank you."
  • Comment on 2 REASONS (2020-09-16 18:13:26)
    3) You're a felon, or an aspiring felon, looking for a cabinet appointment, and/or a pardon.
  • Comment on Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota in August linked to more than 250000 coronavirus cases study finds (2020-09-09 08:24:47)
    If _only_ someone could have foreseen that this might happen. I mean, why would a highly contagious virus spread among motorcycle enthusiasts? Weird.
  • Comment on VOLKSWAGEN (2020-09-08 08:17:15)
    I feel like the title of this post counts as an example of a "buried lede."
  • Comment on Alita – Battle Angel (2020-09-04 08:14:00)
    Been so deep in politics lately, i first read that as "Antifa" Battle Angel.
  • Comment on FEAR (2020-08-28 12:28:42)
    I'm not sure this adequately captures how over-the-top she was/is.
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