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  • Comment on Spaceballs (2021-01-19 17:19:01)
    Technically I own the VHS and DVD version (which calls itself the laserdisk version in the voiceover tracks), it is sad to hear someone failed at making a good copy in 4k.
  • Comment on OC RSI Perseus Star Citizen (2021-01-01 09:12:53)
    A game like this is only done when it closes down the servers at the end of it's long live run. Like what happened to City of Heroes. It is not a fate we should wish on any game.
  • Comment on MCS is no longer on Facebook (2020-07-06 11:32:04)
    I for one am glad to hear whenever someone abandons Facebook. And that mask was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while, I sent its link to many of my friends (probably more clicks than you lost from Facebook).
  • Comment on education system hasn’t cancelled her yet (2020-06-28 03:47:20)
    If it were that clear it would be much easier. The sad part is that each thing she says at least sounds like it has a bit of truth to it, likely enough for others to think is enough to either validate the point or consider it. That is why this sort of thinking is so insidious, it is easy and obvious to those who can't understand more complex situations or don't want to try.
  • Comment on dropping to warp (2019-09-13 20:26:18)
    Technically this is a ship named the Cutlass dropping out of the Quantum Travel mode. The name of the 'fast travel' mechanic in the game Star Citizen.
  • Comment on skimming the surface (2019-01-17 03:15:57)
    These are the Anvil Aerospace fighter craft called Arrow. They are flying at a fairly high altitude above a rocky moon, all captured with in game graphics.
  • Comment on Ready Player One movie review (2018-12-20 20:50:50)
    I did eventually get around to reading the book. It is considerably better than the movie and well worth the time, urge to rebel not withstanding.
  • Comment on stupid looking millenials (2018-12-07 20:30:46)
    And as it turns out both groups are right. Most of those silly trends not only looked stupid, but advertised that quality of their user to the world.
  • Comment on Disenchantment (2018-08-26 23:23:30)
    There isn't anything overly surprising, or impressively deep about the context of this show, but it is extremely funny. What more does a comedy need? There may be an interesting plot eventually but given the style of the creator that will take years to become visible, not just a few episodes.
  • Comment on lamborghini ankonian concept (2018-05-31 20:04:48)
    If by an ethnic styling you mean the culture focused around driving the Batmobile then I would be inclined to agree with you.
  • Comment on Enders Game review (2018-05-19 05:15:42)
    If you liked the part about Ender's siblings in the book skip at least up to Ender's Shadow and read Shadow of the Hegemon.
  • Comment on Ready Player One movie review (2018-04-05 01:05:38)
    I too have a pile of books to read through, Ready Player One should be at the top of the pile for anyone who remembers anything at all about video or arcade games from the 80s or 90s. It is not only short enough to not detract from your pile, it is exceptionally well written, and quite funny. At no point does it even begin to edge in the direction of Boring.
  • Comment on Stephen Hawking, science's brightest star, dies aged 76 (2018-03-16 15:50:09)
    While no doubt many of you noticed but for the sake of those who missed it he died on PI day 3.14 while not much it is a consolation prize of sorts.
  • Comment on Marvels Jessica Jones – Season 2 Trailer Her Way HD Netflix (2018-02-22 13:11:03)
    Looks more like 70% to me and I suspect those are mostly recap flashbacks that show up in season two describing events in season one.
  • Comment on End Revenge Porn (2018-01-20 10:58:31)
    Just because some user IDs are better than others, does not mean you need to go reminding us of the horror that 30 hour bonus disks of AOL hours created.
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