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  • Comment on Christopher Chance (2010-10-22 02:20:36)
    Between him and Jackie Earle Haley, the fight scenes in this show are wicked.
  • Comment on 9 deadly words used by a women (2010-10-22 02:18:02)
    I've used all of these at one time or another, but mainly because most humans are lazy, evasive, game-playing dicks who pretend they don't know what the problem is. For example, #9 would only be used if one had asked someone to do something repeatedly, or if they had offered to do it, and it was put off excessively. #3 would be used if the issue in question had been discussed to death but the offending person continued to pretend that they have no idea what you are talking about or why you are pissed. Humans suck.
  • Comment on Stephen Hurrdurr (2010-10-22 02:02:09)
    You really need to move to the US. Canada will be a better place without you.
  • Comment on adrian veidt killed millions of people and that's terrible (2010-10-22 01:26:57)
    Yeah, how long will the peace last? Until someone read's Rorschach's notebook, that's how long.
  • Comment on george lucas last tour to endor 2009 (2010-10-22 01:23:34)
    George will never acknowledge or accept what he has done. Fuck him.
  • Comment on Smell like a man, man (2010-10-22 01:18:40)
    I thought the previous campaign with Bruce Campbell was pretty damn sweet too.
  • Comment on sarah michelle gellar in blue car (2010-10-22 01:13:39)
    I miss Buffy.
  • Comment on Dawwwwwwww! (2010-10-22 01:02:21)
    Oh, and this photo is adorable.
  • Comment on Dawwwwwwww! (2010-10-22 01:02:01)
    I've been away for a while and it only took a few minutes of poking around to remind me that I love fracked again. I rescued a "pit bull" cross when Ontario enacted its utterly idiotic ban. They lump several dogs under the heading pitbull, as FA suggests: APBT (not a recognized breed in Canada), American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers included. The law also bans anything that even looks like a "pit bull", which has resulted in the seizure, prolonged imprisonment, and murder of labs, boxers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, etc. Whole litters of puppies have been killed too. Funny thing is, the asshole politician who created the ban, Michael Bryant, has killed more Ontarians than pitbulls have. He had a fight with a bike courier, who he then dragged and then ran over with his car. He didn't even go to court because they decided they didn't expect him to be convicted. Of course, this is because he is a lawyer with a LOT of lawyer friends. Fuck anyone who hates any breed of dog because of the bullshit they read in the paper. Studies have clearly shown that dogs that bite are almost always mis-reported as pit bulls and are front page news, and other breeds that bite are hidden away in the back pages. I've listened to a lot of ignorant crap since the ban began. People are finally beginning to realize the truth though. Slowly, soooo slowly. My dog? A marshmallow. He has a scar on his face from a miniature pinscher who attacked him without provocation. In fact, he has been attacked numerous times and never fights back. When bad things happen, he hides behind me. Which is fine. I have a much worse temper than him, and I'm not afraid of a fight. Humans suck. My dog is awesome. Shut up you ignorant asshole, and hugs to FA.
  • Comment on Cthulhu Sacfifice (2010-07-29 20:27:07)
    A sacrifice to Cthulhu is pointless. He'll devour all our souls anyway.
  • Comment on I fight back the urge (2010-07-21 08:36:50)
    Tiki needs a hug, and a kick in the arse.
  • Comment on captain malcon reynolds - teh sex (2010-06-24 22:26:21)
    I've always heard that he is super nice. And he's a nerd, and he's lovely. We need to clone him.
  • Comment on sexy freddy cosplayer (2010-06-23 00:47:15)
    That's not a cosplayer. That's the model for the Mrs. Freddy Krueger halloween costume.
  • Comment on noo!!!! don''t eat me!!! (2010-06-21 00:17:56)
    I think it's an ant. Looks like it's biting too.
  • Comment on Water slide wat (2010-06-21 00:17:06)
    I like skinny guys, but he looks fragile.
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