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  • Comment on girls gone wild (2011-09-15 19:54:25)
    Yea, that's Torrie Wilson, isn't it? I know she's done Playboy but I wouldn't think she'd just go stripping in public.
  • Comment on Sasha Alexander (2011-08-04 14:24:16)
    They pretend to be here and there, but for the most part it's just small glances and "pretend" comments. I like the show mainly for the way the characters were written. Angie Harmon's a hot, opinionated, loud, rude tomboy type and Sasha Alexander is a hot encyclopedia-esque medical examiner who gets confused by taking sarcasm literally... what's not to love?
  • Comment on Green Car and some plants behind it (2011-07-07 21:00:15)
    Angie Varona, you can google her or visit her blog - http://angievarona.blogspot.com ... for charity, after earning $1000 for some chick's hospital bills (I think), she went full-on topless for the first time - https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-BTuPVg3fzYY/TgvLOephK1I/AAAAAAAAAVg/jY8Z16Hk44g/s1024/preview.jpg
  • Comment on An internet love story (2011-07-07 19:52:43)
    There were 3 chicks altogether. Lop-Sided Boobs, Sloppy Seconds, and Old Creeper.
  • Comment on Pearl harbor vs. transformers (2011-07-07 15:20:51)
    The exact same thing happened with The Island and Transformers 3. There's a car chase scene on a freeway that they pretty much took scene for scene... it's not uncommon, considering getting a scene right could take thousands of dollars and multiple takes for the perfect shot.
  • Comment on the object to your left is weapon of choice (2011-05-11 16:21:09)
    if I follow the DR2 physics just right, you should be able to take one lighter and combine it with the insulin pen to inject zombies with flame, lighting them on fire one at a time... and you'd be able to combine the other lighter with the stack of mail and use the mail items like flaming throwing stars... this dude's set!
  • Comment on Boobies on Google (2011-03-24 12:34:57)
    Damn, now I wish I'd gone to hooters for lunch today.
  • Comment on nerd (2011-01-07 11:57:00)
    I don't think it is. The girl on facebook has a few distinctive freckles and distinctive ears this wondrous person doesn't have.
  • Comment on PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (2011-01-07 11:43:31)
    Imagine if Zachary Quinto* banged Lassie** and the resulting abomination had the ego of The Miz*** and the brain power of the ICP****. *http://thebosh.com/upload/2008/04/16/zachary_quinto_reveals_tom_cruises_role_in_star_trek/Zachary-Quinto.jpg **http://sevenandseven.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/lassie.jpg ***http://www.wwe.com/content/media/images/3883682/6233480 ****http://cdn1.knowyourmeme.com/i/000/046/004/original/1270770536381.jpg?1270786568
  • Comment on Narwhals guiding Santa`s sleigh (2010-12-23 10:49:36)
    and they have red spirals, where everyone else's are yellow.
  • Comment on shoe repair shop (2010-12-21 18:55:12)
    Reminds me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, where some chick keeps pausing to take a sip of her drink... "yea, that's how I got started working in porn" ... "you know People Of Religious Nations" or something. Good times.
  • Comment on bacardi hurricane (2010-12-15 11:58:37)
    No, anything 12% alcohol by volume is "pussy status" because someone's too afraid of what a real drink tastes like.
  • Comment on Hipster Jesus (2010-12-15 11:52:54)
    oops, someone forgot to blur out an address on the internet... someone in Calgary might just be getting some unwanted mail.
  • Comment on summer glau and cosplay fans (2010-12-15 11:48:09)
    For real, and to top it off, a lot of actors are out there doing charity stuff. When's the last time you saw a hooker do anything considered "charity" that didn't involve a free blowjob?
  • Comment on hayden has a mug (2010-12-15 11:34:48)
    Hayden has some jugs!
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