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Every girl I've ever dated was a whore. Except for one, but she was a bitch. I have MySpace!

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  • Comment on angelian jolie - wanted (2008-07-14 06:56:11)
    Her name is no longer Angelina Jolie. It's "Skinny Ol' Fatlips McAngryneck."
  • Comment on NSFW - nude iron man and pepper (2008-07-13 09:24:54)
    I've had a crush on Pepper since I first heard she existed within the Iron Man universe. Mm.
  • Comment on well hello sailor (2008-07-13 00:59:30)
    lol chaingunner got the rank recognized. Someone shoop her hair red and then repoast. Future wallpaper.
  • Comment on Emma Caulfield in black (2008-07-13 00:56:57)
    HAHA DREW WAS MADE TO LOOK A FAGGOT ON THE INTERNET BY TRYING TO POINT OUT THE FAGGOTRY OF KERO'S EXCELLENT JOKE. Irony. On a serious note, vegans and their lifestyle don't make sense to me. Don't eat animals, cuz they're alive, grow, age, reproduce and die. Well, last time I checked, plants are also living being that grow, age, reproduce, and die. And I've never seen a healthy-looking vegan. They're all stick thin and sickly looking. Anytime I go out to dinner with a vegan friend of mine, I order three steaks. One for me, one to cover her for not eating meat, and then a third to completely nullify the "good work" she's doing by not eating meat.
  • Comment on tomb of the unknown soldier (2008-07-13 00:45:27)
    Read up on it @ [lol it looks like "Tomb O' Fun"]
  • Comment on tomb of the unknown soldier (2008-07-13 00:42:50)
    It's not for some Unknown Soldier, more so it's for every soldier, sailor and airman in the United States Military. The sense of respect and loyalty these people have to defend that tomb is uncanny. They will not leave their post, even in the middle of a hurricane. True story, google that shit.
  • Comment on ps3 vs xbox 360 vs wii - guns (2008-07-12 04:01:35)
    Also, the XM8 got canceled, and the entire program scrapped before it got past testing. I'm venturing a guess that the XM8 had 60+ minute load times, too. HA.
  • Comment on kris kross (2008-06-29 00:51:24)
    They both have mediocre jobs in middle-management. They still wear their clothes backwards, too.
  • Comment on fsu girls (2008-06-29 00:48:42)
    FSU Girls Fucking Skanked-Up Girls.
  • Comment on ham sandwich (2008-06-28 16:44:04)
    lol A samwich without bread isn't a samwich! It's..It's meat with mustard on your hands! I watch Harvey Birdman, alot. Over and over and over..
  • Comment on McDonalds Racist Policies (2008-06-28 16:40:21)
    Geekette, if you're soo geeky as to actually call the number to see where it leads; I love you. Let's have little geek babies.
  • Comment on helicopters - they can not actually fly, they just so ugly the earth repels them (2008-06-27 10:45:27)
    Kaze; It won't be soo much Fail as much as "Well, crew, we're out of HELLFIRE rockets SOOOOO I'm just gunna fly this bad boy dick-first int the target. Good thing is, nobody in this chopter is going to die alone!" (Starts playing "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" and kicks the throttle forward)
  • Comment on alyson hannigan - blue jeans (2008-06-27 10:41:58)
    My God, the things I would to for, and to, Alyson Hannigan.
  • Comment on helicopters - they can not actually fly, they just so ugly the earth repels them (2008-06-27 07:14:52)
    It's probably worth noting here that I work on helicopter avionics and will be training as a pilot once the Navy pays for my degree. I'll most likely also be dying in a aircraft crash, due to flying like a complete badass.
  • Comment on helicopters - they can not actually fly, they just so ugly the earth repels them (2008-06-27 07:13:31)
    My old man always said, "If you're not shit-scared when flying your bird, you're damn well not flying it right." Then he died in a plane crash. Awesome?
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