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  • Comment on proving atheists wrong with science 1 (2011-07-07 01:14:57)
    A perfect example of Poe's law. This comes from Landover Baptist Church I think, or a similar satirical website. I wonder that some of us are all too willing to believe that fundamentalist Christians are not merely wrong in some of what they believe, but also barely a member of our species, to the extent that one of them could create such a thing in earnest.
  • Comment on beer for your state (2011-02-12 06:42:10)
    Does anyone know the connection between Utah and Epic? I ask because it's a New Zealand made beer...
  • Comment on Mickey to Tiki by Dick Frizell (2009-04-09 22:46:56)
    We have a Kiwi in our midst...
  • Comment on Identifying Wood (2008-02-16 22:52:52)
    I remember seeing this macro when i was fighting in the Somme...
  • Comment on Beer Money (2008-02-16 21:22:26)
    A 7$ note? what will Canada think of next? Sick communists, all of them.
  • Comment on F-650 (2008-02-16 21:19:16)
    Many effeminate car companies were to afraid to go there, but Ford went there. Now when I cruise the malls in my Southwest American hometown, I can pick up transvestite hookers with style and confidence.
  • Comment on World's Tiniest Teddy! (2008-02-16 21:03:24)
    Pffffhh. I've made tinier teddies than that in my sleep.
  • Comment on The American Spirit (2008-02-16 21:00:35)
    Inspiring for the most part, but Bush looks like hes ready for a night in drag or something. He is a beautiful man and deserves a better likeness than that.
  • Comment on Flat Tank (2008-02-16 20:50:24)
    I don't remember this place always being miniature /b/... Ah well.
  • Comment on Dirty Liberal Gun Laws (2007-12-09 00:29:08)
    @reboot While your use of sarcasm is just spot on, i noticed that you didn't actually have any retort to my comments that didnt involve repeating what I said. Might that be because you have no argument?
  • Comment on Dirty Liberal Gun Laws (2007-12-08 19:25:31)
    @ reboot: That's a bit of a presumtuous statment. 'Freedom' can have countless different implications; the freedom you are referring to, the individual freedom of owning a gun, could easily be counterpointed by reference to the collective freedom implicit in gun regulation, i.e. the freedom for members of society not to get shot by some nutcase 18 y/o bitch manifesting her penis envy in purchasing firearms. Socialist laws could easily use freedom as a justification for their introduction and often do. The term 'liberal' doesn't really have any implicit meaning in this respect; in the US it simply labels the 'left-wing', in Europe and Australasia, it usually refers to conservatives. Freedom will always be expressed as the desire of political movements, no matter how counter-intuiive (remember 'Arbeit Macht Frei' over the Nazi death camps?). It's this 'common sense' assumption of freedom that makes current american politics so ridiculous. In the US, the definitions of freedom have always changed; for example, FDR's 'New Deal' was widely accepted at the time as being a revolution of freedom, though it went completely against Jefferson's archaic conception of it, and today FDR is seen as the definition of American liberalism.
  • Comment on Aircraft Carrier Fuckup (2007-12-08 08:04:49)
    Maybe the guy just doesn't like aircraft carriers. Like if he was a jealous frigate captain, or a cop who is wanting to avenge the death of his fiance, who had an ultimately fatal extra-marital affair with an aircraft carrier, or a port crane operator, who was laid off his job at coincidentally the same time that an aircraft carrier was in port, or perhaps a writer who was intending to write a film script wherein an aircraft carrier would be centrally involved but was told that the financial and logistical issues involved in including an aircraft carrier in a moderate budget film would make its inclusion impractical, or if he was the ghost of a jet pilot who had an unsuccessful landing on an aircraft carrier, and communicated his disdain to a truly gifted television psychic, or he engaged in a risky, but potentially high return investment with an aircraft carrier as a silent partner, who dishonoured their agreement, citing in its decision the current financial market instability. Perhaps
  • Comment on World Cannabis Laws (2007-12-04 07:35:16)
    I question the accuracy of this map. My part of the world, New Zealand, is generally a lot softer on marijuana convictions than our Australian neigbours, yet the map indicates the opposite. And as for spain being 'legal or essentially legal', apart from that the distincion between the two postions is far less than arbitrary, the Spaniards would definitely fall on the less lenient side of the fence. The only explicitly legal state is the Netherlands and even there, only minor posession, ie. not stockpiliing or cultivation, is legal, in other parts the law is very ambiguous. The US's depicted lenience is idiotic, seeing as drugs charges can be taken at a federal level, and posession of pot can carry up to a 10 year sentence.
  • Comment on Kiwi (2007-12-01 02:36:50)
    It's called kiwiFRUIT goddamit. Americans.
  • Comment on 5 year old stoner (2007-11-26 22:48:46)
    I think it's referring to Northern Territories in Australia. It may seem strange to us, but the article is actually celebrating child drug use as a rite of passage into adulthood. Darwin is a sick and twisted place.
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