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  • Comment on White people problesm in america - Louie CK (2013-02-26 00:15:08)
    Ha Ha! Because I'm not the worst case scenario, mine can't be called "bad"!
  • Comment on hot to infuriate a christian (2013-01-26 02:42:26)
    Still her. People who aren't mature enough to not taunt others over simple jewelry, don't get to be called "adults".
  • Comment on hot to infuriate a christian (2013-01-25 16:02:55)
    Unfortunately, the "Infuriating" takes place after she spends the next 20 minutes talking about her Lord and Savior, and you get pissed because, even though you taunted her and started the conversation, Christians are always "shoving their beliefs down your throat".
  • Comment on this is a bitch (2013-01-02 12:48:41)
  • Comment on Warning Flag (2012-12-06 01:16:24)
    In the alternate reality, he knocks her up and he's gone anyway. Whether you think it's "Antiquated values" or no, the guy is the perfect caricature of a piece of shit, probably drawn by some douche who couldn't charm his way into the water while standing on the shore. He's also the reason why single guys have to choose between meeting a girl and getting a herpes sore or meeting a girl and getting a 3 year-old. Both, mind you, equally shitty options.
  • Comment on superwoman and batwoman meet batman (2012-12-01 16:45:13)
    Of all the shit Batman has seen and done, a female version of him and Supes is surprising?
  • Comment on the new venom (2012-11-28 22:04:32)
    ...why a gun?
  • Comment on Because you can't be Christian without sucking up (2012-11-14 14:28:19)
    Ha ha. Yea, exactly. Look how badly he goofed the whole "don't kill your neighbor" part, amirite? =|
  • Comment on Because you can't be Christian without sucking up (2012-11-14 05:23:58)
    Nothing says "meaningless oversimplification" like squeezing a concept unto a shirt. The shitty religious tone around here is palpable and the shitposting discussion, nonstop. This leads me to believe that MCS is the worst church ever. Also, redditors are scumbags. Sorry, I didn't mean that. I meant to say, "le scumbags".
  • Comment on Christopher Hitchens (2012-10-27 22:58:36)
    Because you've personally made the choice to dismiss the possibility of a "correct" religion, not only can you not fairly apply Hitchen's logic, but since you've altered the sample size to reach your prejudiced conclusion, you've corrupted the test. It then fails and so do you. Duh.
  • Comment on Christopher Hitchens (2012-10-27 16:10:04)
    "They can't all be right, so they must all be wrong." That is brilliant logic until you apply it to any multiple choice test ever.
  • Comment on Cara Gets a Tattoo (2012-10-23 20:15:29)
    Why are you so enamored with this shameless, tittied trope?
  • Comment on joy riding president (2012-10-17 23:56:12)
    This was actual footage recorded this morning.
  • Comment on Interview with a Vampire (2012-10-11 16:26:22)
    Why would a Vampire's house have windows where the curtains aren't drawn close? I mean, look at the second picture. The sunlight is actually on the stupid loli-coffin...
  • Comment on The Beatles - Yesterday (2012-10-11 13:56:19)
    Times like these often remind me of the immortal words of one Mr. Snoop Dogg: "Bitches ain't shit".
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