Fans vs fans back then and now


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    I’ve decided I’m just going to enjoy what I find good about both and when something new comes out and I don’t like it, I just don’t have to re-watch or talk about it. And when I come across someone’s YouTube video with a thumbnail containing big bold red and/or yellow letters telling me how new whatever thing is the “absolute worst thing ever” and is “destroying the franchise” I get to just add one more channel to my block list. It’s entertainment, if you don’t like it, just move on. There is no need to create an identity around hating a piece of fiction.


    Between “Before” and “Now” was the enlightenment. An age in which intellectuals said “I can enjoy both, they are not in direct competition”. This required comparing and contrasting the subject material, critical thinking. It required the viewer to define what makes each franchise unique. The main reason for in-fighting in both communities is the “nu” material paid the fee to call their products “official” but didn’t do the work to make them “authentic”. Now I’m not blaming nu fans, not gatekeeping, this was done to the fandom intentionally by corporate stooges. You don’t hire the same director as the other franchise if you are trying to preserve your distinctiveness, and that goes for marvel/dc too. Don’t get me started on hbo, I’ve been seeing adds with the iron throne that say “to rule then all”. They want you to conflate these properties because they don’t have the grey matter to tell them apart and they don’t want you to either.

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