Citing ‘Deluge of New Evidence,’ House Jan. 6 Committee Delays Hearings

Chair Bennie Thompson said hearings into the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump would resume sometime in July.

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    Be nice if they could come to a conviction while it’s still possible to put his ass in prison. Post-mortem convictions aren’t really all that satisfying.

    tiki god

    There will be no convictions from this, as this is not a criminal investigation, nor have any charges been made against anyone. They’re done an investigation into the series of events that led up to the January 6th attack and are presenting their findings.

    when they’re done they’ll make criminal referrals to the DOJ who will then decide to actually charge anyone.

    It’ll be all up to Merrick Garland at that point. They’ve been doing their own parrallel investigations and have charged plenty of people in one of the largest criminal events in our nation’s history.

    In theory they’re working separately and not together, but I believe they’re getting the public ready for what’s about to happen, and implicating everyone from Rudy to Ivanka in how Donny’s going to end up in a federal hot box.


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