Awesome Things Volume 84

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This Week’s Awesome Things

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    There’s no link to upload. There’s no preview, either. What’s happening?

    tiki god

    something has gone fucky, I’m investigating.

    tiki god

    Ok, good news and bad news.

    I’ll do the bad news first, i figured out why there was 5,000+ accounts mentioned here, and it’s because some new code I rolled out was defaulting to the patreon level when it was adding new users. it’s not 100% my code, so I changed the changes on my end, but I have to wait for my report to get through for it to be permanently fixed.

    the good news, if you have stuff to submit, you can do so here: that’s a temporary location while I figure out the bugs and make the whole thing look prettier with more better post display. there’s a companion upload form on for anything you’d think will end up there. right now I don’t have the code written to move content from one to the other, so if you submit something that’s nsfw to the SFW side it may take a few weeks for it to get moderated.

    tiki god

    also, I need to get back to tagging posts, but I’ve been doing so much code work that I don’t have the time for it, lmao

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