Peter Navarro: Trump Distributed Bogus Election Fraud Research to ‘Every’ Congressional Republican

The former trade adviser discusses how he briefed Trump on election fraud and helped hatch a scheme to block the vote certification on Jan. 6. “There were over 100 congressmen ready to implem…


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    Karl Lewis

    Confessing to participation a felony conspiracy on National TV is a *BOLD* strategy; let’s see how it works out for him.

    (IANAL, but I’m pretty certain that “believing” that there was election fraud, in the absence of any actual evidence, other than your own claims, [lies], that such fraud existed, does not count as a defense against the conspiracy charge. And, the reason prosecutors just LOVE conspiracy charges is they don’t have to prove that Pete knew about the Oaf Keepers plans for an armed attack on the capital to convict him of the same damned thing.) #ETTD


    You now have to deal with the inexplicable sluggishness of AG Garland. Is he going to prosecute or what?

    tiki god

    I’ve heard he’s done other big profile investigations like this and didnt have leaks, so maybe we should be patient?

    I want action though, so it’d be nice to know what’s up and when we’re going to see this traitorous fuck in prison.

    Karl Lewis

    I agree, completely, on both counts. Grand Juries are *supposed* to be secret. We had no “early warning” about the Oaf Keepers’ Seditious Conspiracy Indictment, and no “early warning” that Steve Bannon was going to get an indictment for Contempt of Congress. A DOJ operating in strict radio silence is the ideal, and used to be the norm. The stakes are so high, right now, however, I just want them all indicted *last year*, already, or sooner.

    tiki god

    lmao “oaf keepers”

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