Judge orders pro-Trump attorneys who brought frivolous election fraud case to pay more than $180,000 to defendants they sued

Two lawyers who went to court to claim voter fraud after the 2020 election must pay nearly $180,000 to the defendants they sued, a federal magistrate judge ordered Monday, saying their lawsuit aimed to “manipulate gullible members of the public and foment public unrest.”


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    This is good stuff. Does this mean these scumbag lawyers will be disbarred? Are they automatically disbarred or do they have to go through another process?


    The 2016 election. Rittenhouse. Covington. Russiagate. Vaccines ending the pandemic. Bounties on US soldiers. Lab-leak theory. Jussie Smollett. The Pulse shooting. The Atlanta shootings. Hunter Biden laptops. Inflation. The Steele Dossier…  There’s not enough law firms on earth to defend 90% of the mainstream media if we’re now going after folks for “manipulating gullible members of the public and fomenting public unrest”.

    When All The Media Narratives Collapse – by Andrew Sullivan – The Weekly Dish (substack.com)

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    tiki god

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    see, I can make a list of things, too, these were flowers. at least they have something to do with each other, unlike your list of random trolling bullshit.


    Go away sicky….

    Old Tofu

    I see no problem with that. if so many are peddling bullshit why would I care about their defense. you have to START cleaning house or the house will never be clean.

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