Dark Matter Captain

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    I liked that show. Even if it was a bit cliché at times. I was disappointed when it got cancelled.


    I always wanted to check it out, but alas, never did. Did it have any kind of conclusion or was it “tune in next season!” and then that season never happened? If the former I may binge it at some point.

    tiki god

    a bit of both, it was one of those shows that had a meta story going on in the background that was series long but never resolved, but then stories that were either episode long or season long, those were resolved.

    Honestly, watching just a few episodes to see how much of a bad ass she is, then flip over and watch the first couple episodes of The Rookie to see her amazing range.


    It got cancelled at the end of Season 3. I don’t think they got the opportunity to really wrap up any of the large story arcs.


    Great show. I was bummed when they cancelled it.

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