Gov Abbott Abortion bill wont force rape victims to have babies Texas will eliminate rapists

Abbott said the law, which is the most restrictive in the U.S., gives rape victims up to six weeks to get abortion and thusly “does not do that [force victims to have their assaulter’s …


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    1. It totally forces rape victims to have their attacker’s babies. There’s no rape exception in the law.
    2. Under current law, less than 3% of rapists actually see a prison cell. We’re talking about the one crime where the cops assume the victim wanted to be victimized. Rape kits are backlogged, victims are in shock and therefore don’t always report immediately, and prosecutors know how difficult it can be to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” without DNA evidence.
    3. A pregnancy is considered to start on the last day of the previous menstrual cycle (this is apparently because pre-conception time is considered to be preparing for pregnancy and also it makes calculating the due date easier). This law can give a woman a SINGLE WEEK after finding out she’s pregnant to schedule an abortion at an overtaxed abortion clinic. You can’t convince me that wasn’t intentional.
    4. The crude pulmonary sound heard at six weeks is not a heartbeat because the heart has not formed yet.
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