Calls to poison control and ER visits increase as Kansans self-treat COVID with Ivermectin

The Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment is urging Kansans not to take Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.


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    In order to “self-treat” with this stuff, you have to get the packages dosed for animals. In those doses, it tends to sterilize men. Finally, male birth control that targets those who should not reproduce.

    tiki god

    Please be aware that misinformation like this can result in a 24 hour stacking ban from the site.

    There is not proof that this med causes sterility, just a 85% reduction in mobility of sperm, which is still enough to impregnator a woman.

    Karl Lewis

    TBF: The “study” in question was from Nigeria… so it might not actually pass muster under the standards of medical research in the EU and/or the US, but, even at the risk of being banned, Mr. God, sir, I’d point out that using “misinformation” to discourage an idiot from taking a drug manufactured for veterinary use, (yes, I am aware that there is a form of the drug manufactured for human use, but you can’t get that at the feed store), is unlikely to result in harm to anyone. (And, you know, 1st Amendment and muh freedumb and stuff…. or… Read more »

    Old Tofu

    thin the herd . . .

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